Wednesday, July 25, 2018

BUSTED: State Rep. Kathy Crawford Hits Doors With Top Lansing No Fault Lobbyist, Healthcare Worker, House Staffer

By Brandon Hall
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We don't need Encyclopedia Brown or Stabler and Benson to figure out why Kathy Crawford voted against No Fault reform-a vote for the status quo that sticks Michigan drivers with the highest car insurance rates in America.

Crawford recently posted a picture of her door knocking with Kevin McKinney, the leading Lansing lobbyist promoting No Fault auto insurance!

They were also joined by at least one employee of a healthcare company, and a staffer for fellow State Rep. Ben Frederick.

McKinney founded and leads CPAN, the "Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault."


The establishment is clearly petrified of young conservative rising star Chase Turner, who has been ruthlessly hitting doors in the district. Turner has been hitting Crawford for her poor record on taxes, gun rights, no fault, and many other issues.

Crawford is a member of the "dirty dozen" Republicans who voted against Speaker Leonard's income tax early 2017.

When the only people who will door knock for you are Lansing lobbyists fighting to keep No Fault, employees of healthcare companies you carry water for, and staffers for fellow legislators, it's time to go! SAD! #ByeGirl

Stay tuned for a polling update on this race...


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Unbelievable. Proud to campaign with a lobbyist that literally bought your vote to be against the people. Gutsy or senile?

  2. Chase is a fine man. Polls show that he may finally get rid of this dufass, Crawford. I've worked a little for him, as much as I can, and know him to be intelligent and a hard worker.

  3. Chase gave it a good run for looking like he is 12. Can't believe a better person to beat crawford could not be found. She is part of the dirty dozen rino that voted no on ending the "temporary" income tax hike. Kathy Crawford is a rino.