Tuesday, July 24, 2018

51st State House Race: Police Called After Mueller (A Cop) Said Girlfriend Was A "C*nt," Accused Of Kicking Her Dog

From left: Shetron, Mueller, Shapiro

By Brandon Hall
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#NeverTrump consultant Dave Forsmark always acts SO self righteous about himself and his candidates, it's a complete joke.

For instance, in the 51st, Drew Shapiro has made some mistakes that his opponent, Mike Mueller, who Forsmark manages the campaign for, has pushed relentlessly. Forsmark is leading the charge...

Well now it has been revealed that Mueller was accused of calling his girlfriend a "c#nt" and *kicking* her dog! He is a cop and the case miraculously disappeared...

Mueller and Shapiro are also running against Ian Shetron, a 2016 Trump Delegate in Cleveland.

According to MIRS:

"Fifty-first state House candidate Mike MUELLER was blamed in March 2015 for physically assaulting his then-girlfriend, Angela LONG, calling her an obscene name and kicking a dog during an argument, according to a police report.

Mueller, who denies kicking the dog, said the incident should have no effect on his run for the state House. Both signed forms saying they would not press charges and none were issued.

“I have really no comment. It was verbal argument between my girlfriend and I at the time,” Mueller told MIRS today. “Since then we've gotten married, blended a family and started a new business. I'm also a (Livingston County) deputy sheriff, so I notified my department as policy states and there was not any criminal charges.”

Ian SHETRON, another Republican candidate in the race, said he would not make an issue of the allegations in the race, which has already seen a number of personal attacks among candidates.

According to the police report, Long told a deputy that she and Mueller had been drinking and arguing. She said Mueller “gets mean when he drinks” and that he “had been saying mean things to her,” the report noted.

Long said Mueller called her an obscene name “so she smacked him.” She said he then “pushed her against the wall, pulled her skirt over her head and called her a `c— and a lowlife.'”

Long also told the Genesee County deputy that Mueller pulled her hair and “pinned her against the wall with his forearm pressed against her throat.” She said she dialed 911 but hung up when Mueller let go.

“My statement on what went on, it's in the police report,” Mueller said. “There was nothing that was criminal. It was an argument between my girlfriend and I, and we took two steps backwards.

“It was an isolated incident. I was deputy of the year the next year, so that is all I can say about it,” he said.

Long also told the deputy Mueller broke her cell phone and “kicked his dog,” but Mueller said, “That is not true.”

The police report indicates the deputy was dispatched at 5:39 a.m.; that he smelled intoxicants on Mueller; and that he had “glassy, bloodshot eyes.”

“I had drank the night before, but I was not drinking at 5:30 in the morning,” Mueller said today.

Shetron said it is fair the information comes out, but he wouldn't make it an issue.

“Is it fair that it comes out in the race? Absolutely, as anything pertaining to the lives, the positions of any of the candidates does. If it comes out, absolutely, that's one thing that the voters have to consider. I think everyone's history is being dredged up here, so I think basically anything is fair game,” Shetron said.

Mueller, the son of a former House member from years ago, is the presumed favorite in the race and has been piling up endorsements despite having never held an elected office before. He has the endorsement of the current officeholder, Rep. Joseph GRAVES (R-Linden)."

Documents obtained by West Michigan Politics reveal that Mueller's girlfriend was worried he may lose his job because of the incident.

Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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