Thursday, August 18, 2016

Union Bosses Plot Protest For Trump's Lansing Visit, Fear Members Won't Fall In Line With Hillary

By Brandon Hall
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Union bosses who continue to bow to Democrat party leaders while leaving their workers in the dust are riling up the remnants of their organizations to protest Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit today near Lansing.

According to a UAW website advertising the protest:

"Donald Trump is coming back to Michigan after his disastrous economic speech in Detroit two weeks ago. This time, he’s holding an event outside of Lansing.
But no matter how many times he visits Michigan, we know that Trump would be a disaster for Michigan. He’s said that UAW members’ wages are too high and that auto companies should move factories out of Michigan to lower wage states (Detroit News, 8/12/15). We need you to tell Trump that his message of fewer jobs and lower wages is wrong for UAW members in Michigan.   
It’s time for us to stand up to Trump."
The AFL-CIO is also joining in on the action.
According to their website promoting the protest:
"Donald Trump is holding a rally in Dimondale – just outside of Lansing – on Friday, August 19. 
This is the second time Trump has campaigned in Michigan in the last two weeks – and we need your help to send a message that he's not welcome in Michigan.
Join working people from across the state to protest outside Trump's speech, starting at 12:00pm.
Be sure to wear your union shirts and bring your own homemade signs.
We hope to see you there!"

The UAW and AFL-CIO are leading the efforts as unions have been in panic mode after reports their members are flocking to Trump...

According to the New York Times:

"Unlike most other Republicans, whose appeal to union voters rarely extends beyond cultural issues like gun rights, Mr. Trump’s economic pronouncements have a greater potential to scramble the standard political calculus.

“I do think that Trump is a threat,” said Mike Lux, a progressive activist who is a former labor official and veteran of President Bill Clinton’s administration. “If the Democratic nominee is Hillary, and she’s mushy at all on the trade issue, Trump will take that issue and drive it and drive it and drive it.”

“We like that he does not support TPP, that he has taken the position that there should be trade tariffs for a company that moves jobs overseas,” said Ryan Leenders, 30, a member of the International Association of Machinists in Washington State. Mr. Leenders, who estimated that one-quarter to one-third of his factory’s union workers were Trump supporters, said he voted for Mr. Obama in 2008 and wrote in Ron Paul in 2012.

Reflecting the anti-establishment mood that has engulfed parts of the labor movement, Mr. Leenders said he believed that more than half of his union’s workers support Senator Bernie Sanders, while very few support Mrs. Clinton, despite the fact that the machinists union endorsed her last summer."
>>>A few other groups are also expected to join the demonstration in what is sure to be part of an interesting campaign stop, stay tuned!
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. The unions trying to push Clinton over Trump reminds me of the unions trying to push Howard Wolpe over John Engler for Governor in 1994 -- epic fail.

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