Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Freep DESTROYS #CrookedHillary's Phony Michigan Jobs Numbers

By Brandon Hall
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Hillary Clinton's claim she will create over 300,000 jobs for Michigan is under fire for phony projections.

According to a great piece by Todd Spangler of the Detroit Free Press:

"Hillary Clinton didn’t lay out the number specifically in her speech in Warren on Thursday but her campaign has been saying her economic plan could create some 320,000 new jobs in Michigan.

That is based on some questionable assumptions...

although Zandi’s estimate is based on a rigorous look at Clinton’s suggestions for tax increases on wealthier Americans, increased government spending on roads and bridges and other reforms, Clinton’s prediction for Michigan simply takes that 10.4 million job number, divides it by Michigan’s share of the U.S. population and — voila! — comes up with 320,000...
But as anyone who lived in Michigan in 2001-09 (when President Barack Obama took office) remembers, national trends don’t always perform the same in Michigan, with its singular reliance on the domestic auto industry.
During that period, the national economy added more than 1.3 million nonfarm jobs. Had Michigan gotten its share, its job rolls would have grown by about 48,000 jobs — instead of dropping, as they did, by nearly 700,000 jobs.
“No, there’s no reason to believe growth would spread itself across the country in proportion with the population,” said Robertson Williams, a senior advisor at the Tax Policy Center in Washington, D.C. “It will happen more in some places and less in others.”
That’s not to say that Clinton’s estimates are unusual: Campaigns, special-interest groups and even the White House often put out estimates about investment or job growth at the state-by-state level that follow similar patterns and don’t necessarily look more deeply into local circumstances. of the main reasons for his upbeat analysis of Clinton’s plan – which is far better than that, say, by the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation, which suggested it could reduce gross domestic product by 1% over a decade – is her embrace of immigration reform and the workers such a reform could add to the American economy.
Increasing legal immigration and opening a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers already in the U.S. could be a boon to labor markets, said Zandi, though that would likely be felt more in states like Florida, California and Texas than in northern states like Michigan."
Maybe she'll blame the BS numbers on a video... Hell, the media won't call her out, so what difference does it make?
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Today's progressives (regressives) have been taught in our universities that words have the power to create reality. Utter some warm and toasty words, get someone to agree with you and voila, you have created a new reality. You don't have to worry about your reality failing to materialize in the future, after all, everyone knows the past has no bearing on the present and the present will have no bearing on the future. You're good to go.

  2. Some what shocked that the Freep actually conducted a news article with facts in it. Strange. How did it slip through?