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Breaking: Arndt Behind Disgusting False Flag Email Attacking Kim Shmina While Claiming To Be Norm Hughes?


By Brandon Hall
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The person behind the email attacking Wayne State University Board Of Governors candidate Kim Shmina is believed to be Chris Arndt, a Republican activist who was defeated in his bid for MIGOP Administrative Vice-Chair in 2015.

A "Constant Contact" account associated with the email blast traces back to Arndt...

Here's how it breaks down:

In there's a link to the delegate information packet, the link is to a google doc owned by Frank Egeler

He works in the Senate Caucus under Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof and also seems to be involved...


This is what gives it away. Every mass-mailing like this has links at the bottom. The links uniquely identify the recipient. Someone Copy/Pasted one of Norms old e-mails into mailchimp and then started editing. When they did, they left behind the identifying info of the original. That's why there's two footers at the bottom.

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Clicking the unsubscribe/update/forward links in the constant contact footer show the e-mail address ""
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Norm Hughes blasted the email, calling the culprit a "dirtbag."

"Whomever put out the Shmina hit piece tonight hijacked our logos, address, format, said it was for Your Conservative Team (which we use), even linked our Eventbrite fund raising site," Hughes tells WMP.

"They used a slightly different sending email address and used Mailchimp. We used different mailing service. While we do not support Shmina (I prefer Fiani and Busuito for WSU, McMillin and Rowley for SBE) we do not get in the gutter like this...It is a bizarre sick dirty trick. We will find the dirtbag doing this."

 >>>View The Email Below:

Michigan Republican State Convention tomorrow!
see the Establishment pick for Wayne State Board of Governors! 
is KIM SHMINA a crony capitalist candidate? YES

Bill and Kathy versus We the People
Donald Trump on Immigration
Donald Trump Flash Mobs!!
join in! join the Revolution

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State Convention
Forgive me for this being a short edition but the GOP state convention is tomorrow and I had to put this out on short notice.

We're all meeting together, both friends and rivals but the Establishment is again stacking the deck for its chosen Candidate against the interests of We The People.

here is the list of candidates and you can easily see which are working against us:

Here is the information so good American delegates can take part.

the Establishment Candidate

It's no secret that Kim Shmina ran for the State Chairman position back in 2015 to divide the Conservative Vote so the Establishment Romney can win.  She was an Agent of the Establishment the entire time, and never truly a TEA Party member, let alone a true TEA candidate.

Shmina has always been in deep with the Party.  But she's not a tea party leader or grassroots leader in the state.  So instead she looked for a quick path to party power, and became the vice chair of the 10th district.  She used this bully pulpit to harass tea party groups into supporting her but since she had no power outside of her district, she was not able to bully her way to more than 6%.  She's never been more than an obstacle to the grassroots but she joined the Party chair race because she believed she would get a reward.

We The People voted against her husband for a reason and that wasn't the reward she was going to get.  Her seat on the Wayne State University Board of GOVERNORS is her prize and it's what she wanted all along.

Kim fakes being a tea party darling because sh has no connections to real tea parties. She's Not an organizer, doesn't regularly show up at meetings that aren't for her county party....

Even her campaign for WSU Governor is filled with empty trickery.

"Dr" Shmina has a doctorate but IS NOT AN MD. This certainly doesn't stop her from trying to appear like one though.  Dr. Michael Busuito is an actual doctor and surgeon. She has a doctorate in nursing.  I wouldn't let her operate on me. I wouldn't let her treat me. Busuito's endorsement saying "Two Doctors running for Wayne State Board of Governors. Sounds good to me." implies that she's a surgeon too. It's just more trickery.  It won't work.

But Why Is "Doctor" Kim Shmina running for WSU Governor?
Because she wants to line her pockets with state $$$$$$$$$$$

She's THE Croniest of

Crony Capitalists

The real reason "Doctor" Kim Shmina is a running for WSU Governor:

She's a Thief

"Doctor" Kim Shmina is of course deeply connected to the construction company AZ Shmina. They've been operating for over a century.  They do a lot of construction projects for the State.  they have a big history of performing public works projects. Everything from little firehouses to large water purification plant rennovations.  A large history of cronyism.

Naturally they do a lot of university projects.

"Doctor" Shmina only wants to be elected to the WSU board to get contracts funneled to AZ Shmina construction.

How long have the Shminas been taking money from the taxpayer in construction fees?

Kim Shmina is the ultimate crony capitalist trying to skim $$$$ from We The People to line her own pockets!

Look at this University of Michigan Board of Regents minutes document from July 1959!

If her family has been doing this for years then it's no question she's angling for this position just for a bigger slice of the family pie, and to make sure that pie gets bigger every year
Click this and read it. We know "Doctor" Kim Shmina sent this out, right? Check the bottom. Her campaign is funded by Kathy Berden, the NATIONAL COMMITTEEWOMAN OF THE MICHIGAN REPUBLICAN PARTY.
Let met this get this straight. "Doctor" Kim Shmina is endorsed by the most powerful sitting Republican in the State and her campaign is paid for by the Republican National Committee's newest officer from the State of Michigan?


Is "Doctor" Shmina a friend of We The People? Or is putting her in a position where her company can get special favors payback for making sure the Attorney General's friend and Mitt Romney's niece Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel becomes Party Chair?

Grassroots leader? or

Donald Trump and Immigration

I've seen a lot of Establishment and NeverTrump liberals claim that Donald Trump has swung to the Left of JEB! and taken a moderate stance on illegal immigrants.  I'm not afraid or shocked that Trump, in his great intelligence, is pivoting with equally great intelligence.  Remember that Trump is our best shot at defeating the combined Establishment forces that inhabit and infest both parties. Under President Trump we will finally clean out the government of the cronyists. We just need to keep the faith and stand with Bold Colors!
Donald Trump Flash Mobs!

I never cease to be amazed at the tireless hard work of Matt Maddock and his lovely wife Meshawn!  Their recent idea is outright genius and while I'm glad so many of us are onboard we should push it as far as we can! has even covered this tremendous idea and how with it we're putting Michigan into play!

Great Conservative leaders are organizing this all across the State and if you'd like to take part take a look at this:

Locations below:
  • Sign Rally Flash Mob for TRUMP
  • Statewide Michigan!
  • Tuesday Aug 30th 4:00-5:30
  • Call Meshawn Maddock 248-866-2631
  • for details and to become a corner captain!
  • Muskegon County:
  • Intersection of Harvey and Sternberg
  • Contact: Diane Schindlbeck 616-502-6192
  • Livingston County:
  • Intersection of Grand River and Orndorf, Brighton, Meijer’s parking lot
  • Contact: Wes Nakagiri 248-505-8919
  • Macomb County: 
  • Intersection of 12 Mile Road and Van Dyke
  • Contact: Patti Cammarata 586-855-3418 
  • Saginaw County:
  • Intersection of Bay Road and Tittabawassee Road, Saginaw
  • Contact: Debra Mantey 989-751-8961
  • Baraga County in the UP:
  • Intersection of M38 and M41
  • Contact: Tamyra Lynn Murray 989-598-3068
  • Monroe County: 
  • Intersection of Telegraph and Stewart Park at Meijer Contact: Dawn Asper 734-731-1511
  • Washtenaw County:
  • Intersection of Washtenaw and Carpenter Road
  • Contact: Robert Guysky 248-202-1739
  • Wayne County:
  • Intersection of Ann Arbor Road and Haggerty Road, K-Mart parking lot
  • Contact: Bill Hartmann at 734-260-3847
  • Oakland County: 
  • 1. Intersection of Haggerty Road and 8 Mile
  • Meijer’s parking lot
  • Contact: Tami Carlone 248-719-1072
  • 2. Rochester Road just North of M-59 at Lowes
  • Contact: Gary Kubiak 248-224-1337
  • 3. Northeast corner of Pontiac Trail and M5. Park at library Contact: Shane Trejo 248-563-8250
  • Grand Traverse County:
  • “The Open Space”
  • Grandview Parkway at Union Street Contact: Randy Bishop 231-360-5140
  • Eaton County: 
  • M-43 and M-100 Meijers
  • Contact: Darlene Littlejohn 517-667-4100
  • Otsego County:
  • Intersection of Meecher and 32
  • Contact: Tony Sharkey 269-932-5211
  • Iosco County: 
  • 23 and F-41
  • Contact: Dawn Campbell: 989-915-0632
  • Calhoun County:
  • Intersection of Beckley Road and 66
  • Kalamazoo County: 
  • Intersection of South Westnedge and West Kilgore
  • Jackson County:
  • Intersection of North West and North Monroe
  • Genesee County:
  • Intersection of Corunna and Linden

In my opinion Matt Maddock could very well be a great Chairman for the Michigan Republican Party and THE up and coming leader of our Conservative Movement.  You should suggest it to him next time you see him!

We WILL Turn Michigan Red for TRUMP and Make America GREAT AGAIN!! 
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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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