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Secretary Of State Boots Major Candidates In The 11th District (As Well As Amash's Challenger) Off Ballot Over Petition Issues

Rep. Amash

By Brandon Hall
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Joe Farrington, the local elected official and small business owner who was challenging  Rep. Justin Amash, has been thrown off the ballot for not filing enough signatures, the Secretary of State announced yesterday. Other big names booted include Kristine Bonds and Dan Haberman in the 11th District.

Bonds, a Republican and daughter of legendary Detroit area newsman Bill Bonds, and Haberman, a successful businessman, were both in the race to replace retiring Rep. David Trott.

Others booted include State Sen. Tory Rocca, who was running for a position as Judge after being termed out, as well as Paul Clements, one of the top challengers to Rep. Fred Upton.

According to MIRS:

"Congressional candidates Kristine BONDS, Dan HABERMAN and Paul CLEMENTS joined judicial candidate Tory ROCCA in not getting the needed signatures, the Secretary of State announced today. 

Bonds is running as a Republican in the 11th Congressional District, and Haberman is a Democrat running for the same seat. She had 858 valid signatures while Haberman had 944. 

Clements, a Democrat, was hoping to take a third shot at unseating U.S. Rep. Fred UPTON (R-St. Joseph) in the 6th Congressional District. He was found to have 991 valid signatures, nine short of the 1,000 needed. 

Current state Sen. Tory ROCCA (R-Sterling Heights) was making a run for the 16th circuit court judgeship with this being his final Senate term. Julie Lynn GATTI, a candidate for the same judgeship, challenged his petitions. He needed 2,000 valid signatures, turned in 2,530 and only 1,816 were ruled valid. 

Bonds' petitions were not specifically challenged, but Clements' petition was challenged by Andrew DAVIS, a backer of another Democratic candidate in the district, Matt LONGJOHN (See "Challenges Filed Against Haadsma, Haberman, Clements, Rocca," 5/2/18). Haberman's petitions had also been challenged. 

The SOS also confirmed that Matt MORGAN, the only Democrat vying for the 1st Congressional District, had an insufficient number of petition signatures because most of his petition sheets had not listed an actual home address but rather a P.O. box (See "Dems' Morgan Position On Primary Ballot In Question," 4/30/18). 

Joe FARRINGTON, who was seeking to challenge U.S. Rep. Justin AMASH (R-Cascade Twp.) in the 3rd Congressional District, also was ruled not to have the needed signatures to make the ballot. He turned in 1,190 and only 843 were valid."


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. So, now will they Bow out honorably like Thad McCotter when he had his "Signatures" issue *or* throw a tantrum and act like they are Elitists above and beyond the Law like John Conyers did and shop for a Judge that would improperly put them back on the Ballot?!??!