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Breaking: Attorney General Bill Schuette Lied About Secret $40 Million Luxury Real Estate Empire In The Virgin Islands After Calley Confrontation

Schuette, left, Calley, right

By Brandon Hall
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Attorney General Bill Schuette denied accusations he secretly runs a real estate empire with nearly $40 million worth of luxury properties in the Virgin Islands when confronted by Lt. Governor Brian Calley about the issue at a candidate forum earlier today, but a West Michigan Politics investigation reveals Mr. Schuette is not telling the truth.

Schuette told Jonathon Oosting of the Detroit News "I have no idea what he’s talking about” after Calley made the bombshell accusations at a Michigan Press Association gubernatorial forum featuring candidates from both parties.

Schuette also said that "all my assets are in a blind trust," calling Calley's claims "false" and "pathetic."

However, documents reveal Schuette's company, Vircom LLC, partners with Doan Estates, an LLC run by Jeffrey Doan, son of deceased Dow Chemical executive Harry Doan. (Schuette has extensive ties to Dow.) Another company with an unknown owner, Regency Development LLC of Delaware, is also a partner with Schuette and Doan.

The area the companies sell land is called Ditleff Point, where they own at least 33 luxury real estate parcels near Rendezvous Bay on St. John in the US Virgin Islands worth nearly $40 million according to real estate listing sites.

The revelation directly contradicts Schuette's claim that he has placed all of his assets in a blind trust. One of his top campaign leaders, John Sellek, reiterated that promise just two months ago.

According to Bridge Magazine:

"Republican Bill Schuette has called for state elected officers and candidates for public office to disclose personal financial information similar to members of Congress. He disclosed his 2016 federal income tax return to Bridge, filed jointly with his wife, but did not disclose specific information about significant assets or travel, which are among items that must be disclosed by members of Congress and others...

Schuette released his tax return, filed jointly with his wife Cynthia. They reported an adjusted gross income of $375,466...Schuette did not report any income earned outside what is reported in his tax return. Schuette did not disclose any assets he may have. Spokesman John Sellek wrote in an email that Schuette has placed his assets in a blind trust “to avoid even an appearance of conflicts of interest.”

Vircom LLC was formed in February of 1999, documents filed with the State of Michigan show

Vircom failed to file annual statements from 2000-2005, but the company was restored to good standing with the state in 2005, and Schuette has subsequently filed every year since 2007.

Schuette has led the company for nearly 20 years, and he personally files annual statements with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs-the latest in February of 2018.

Vircom has kept busy even while Schuette has been Attorney General, with deals including a $2.5 million sale to VR Investments in 2013:

As well as a $1.1 million sale to Big Sky Basin LLC in 2012:

Other Vircom activity can be viewed HERE after searching for Vircom

Schuette also owns other companies associated with Virgin Islands real estate, including Ditleff Point Lots Group B LLC, as well as Ditleff Point Lots Group S LLC, which is registered in Delaware with a Midland address. Both were formed in 2013.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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