Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Deceptive" Schuitmaker Mailer Using Colbeck Sent From Secret Organization Run By GOP Power Broker With Ties To Radical Dem AG Candidate Dana Nessel

By Brandon Hall
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A 501c4 supporting State Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker's campaign for Attorney General, the "Serving Michigan Fund," recently sent out a mailer to Republican Precinct Delegates many believe implied she was supported by State Senator Patrick Colbeck. 

Some are calling it deceptive.

While most 501c4 donors aren't known, sometimes corporations disclose donations in their own reports. 

Donors to Schuitmaker's Serving Michigan Fund include $2,500 from RJ Reynolds tobacco company, and $500 from CVS(Lawmakers like to use the secret funds for a number of reasons, one obviously being that nearly $3,000 from big tobacco doesn't look good on a campaign finance report.)

It turns out, the man running the secretive organization (which does not disclose its donors) is longtime Lansing power broker Richard McLellan.

Interestingly enough, McLellan has ties to radical Democrat Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel.

Nessel has made headlines for, among other things, promoting the fact that she doesn't have a penis as a reason to vote for her. 

She is a radical feminist, abortion extremist, and was a gift from God to whoever the wins the Republican nomination for Attorney General. (She would be the first openly gay statewide elected official in Michigan history.)

McLellan and Nessel ran a pro gay rights ballot initiative together in 2016.

According to the Detroit News:

"The Fair Michigan campaign will propose a constitutional amendment enshrining anti-discrimination protections for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual residents in housing, the workplace and public accommodations.

Dana Nessel, the Detroit attorney who led the case to overturn Michigan’s gay marriage ban, said Friday she will co-chair the ballot campaign with Republican Lansing attorney Richard McLellan."

The group's proposal did not make the ballot.

Former RNC Committeeman and State Rep. Dave Agema blasted the mailers. He says Colbeck's conservative credentials are sought after, and Schuitmaker was hoping to capitalize.

"It's deceptive," Agema told West Michigan Politics. "It shows that Tonya wants to be associated with the most conservative gubernatorial candidate. It's a compliment to Colbeck. She wanted her face with Colbeck."

The mailer focused on sanctuary city policy, one of the areas Colbeck and Schuitmaker agree and have worked together.

Schuitmaker should have listened to Colbeck when he tried to stop her from passing Common Core:

Schuitmaker has been labeled desperate by many political observers, never quite being able to stop Speaker Tom Leonard's momentum in the race since it started. 

Leonard has won nearly every single straw poll of Republican leaders and grassroots activists taken across the state since the campaign kicked off last September.

Schuitmaker's low point so far is debatable, but her bizarre attack on Leonard over Common Core legislation SHE supported and he did not takes the cake in my book. Bridge Magazine called her outrageous ad "hypocritical." 

View the mailers below:


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Hmmmm, and here I thought that the republican kakistocracy wanted nothing to do with Sen. Colbeck?

    So, he's good for an campaign endorsement, but NOT good enough to be Michigan Governor?

    1. Yup.... You nailed it... "Mixed Messages" much? LOL Colbeck for #MIGov. Please join: (the group that was promoting Pat for Gov long before he officially announced)

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