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Breaking: Devastating Loss For Dems: May Lose Only Candidate To Bergman In MI-1, Bob Carr May Launch Write In Campaign

Matt Morgan

By Brandon Hall
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Matthew Morgan, a Democrat from Traverse City running in the 1st Congressional District, is likely to be booted from the ballot after filing with a PO address instead of a real address. 

Dwight Brady also filed to run as a Democrat last year, but withdrew his candidacy before the filing deadline.

Morgan was hoping to take on Congressman Jack Bergman, who will now run unopposed. Morgan would have to mount an uphill write in campaign if he wishes to continue campaigning...

This is a major loss for Democrats, not even getting a name on the ballot to compete in a district they controlled not too long ago!? Yikes. 

Bergman is a retired Marine, and is the highest ranking General to serve in Congress in American history.

Rumors are now swirling that former Republican US Senate candidate Bob Carr may launch a write in campaign as a Democrat... Carr says he is not running as a write-in at this time because he expects to be on the ballot for Senate despite not filing any signatures.

Bob and Karen Carr
According to MIRS:

"Democrat Matt MORGAN, running for the politically competitive 1st Congressional District, listed a P.O. box as his address on nearly every nominating petition he submitted to the state, which would invalidate those petitions and put his position on the August primary ballot in serious question, a MIRS review found. 

The Secretary of State (SOS) is still reviewing candidates' nominating petitions, but spokesperson Fred WOODHAMS said candidates must list their address on petition sheets, not a P.O. box number. Any such petition sheet with a listed P.O. box would be considered invalid.

MIRS reviewed the 198 nominating petition sheets submitted by Morgan at the SOS' Bureau of Elections office in Lansing today. All but three of the submitted nominating sheets listed Morgan's address as P.O. Box 1033 in Traverse City.

The other three sheets listed an address of 11777 Willow Point in Traverse City. The total number of signatures submitted by Morgan is not known at this point.

If Morgan were to be disqualified from appearing on the ballot, it would leave Democrats without anyone on the ballot to have a chance to run against incumbent U.S. Rep. Jack BERGMAN (R-Watersmeet) in what has expected to be a competitive district election this November. This would force Morgan to run as a write-in candidate."

The Fightin' First... Stay tuned!

Rep. Jack Bergman


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