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State Senator Bill Schuette's "Michigan Financial Disclosure Act" Proposal Included Real Estate Deals


By Brandon Hall
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Legislation proposed by Attorney General Bill Schuette when he was a State Senator in 2001 would have required disclosure of the luxury real estate empire he has kept secret for decades.

Schuette initially lied when confronted about the property last week, but his campaign later backtracked and confirmed the allegations were true. Schuette was then caught using state employees to help with the deals while on state time, in his official office.

The revelations come despite Schuette's promise to put all of his financial assets in a blind trust.

In 2001, Schuette proposed the Michigan Financial Disclosure Act just two years after he formed Vircom.

The law required Michigan's top elected officials to disclose financial information and assets, including the exact type of property Schuette has been selling but claims he didn't need to disclose..

The proposal never moved out of the Senate.

Here are parts of the law:

Another mention of real estate:

The disclosure would be required of the Attorney General:

Schuette's team falsely equivocated his secret, multi-property real estate empire with the sale of a personal home that was public knowledge while trying to fight back on Friday. 

In doing so, they spread misleading information regarding Governor Snyder.

Snyder kept his personal, private home (which was public knowledge) outside of the blind trust he used, and had a long time aide who knew him before he was Governor sign the paperwork when it was sold--off state time, and outside of his office.

The idea that these two things are in any way CLOSE to the same is absurd...

Will Schuette deny he authored the financial disclosure proposal like he denied selling the properties?

(By the way, Schuette's own law exempts a sale like Snyder's, but not the kind of deals he was involved in.)

Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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