Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Breaking: Ted Cruz Endorses Pat Colbeck For Governor

Colbeck, center, with wife Angie, Senator Cruz, and supporters (DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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Texas Senator Ted Cruz is endorsing State Senator Patrick Colbeck for Governor.

“I’m proud to endorse Patrick Colbeck in the race to become Michigan’s next Governor," Cruz said in a statement. "He is exactly the sort of principled leader the citizens of Michigan need.” 

Colbeck touted the Cruz endorsement in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

"Senator Cruz’s conservative record attracted millions of supporters in 2016 as he sought the Republican nomination for President.  Colbeck served as the state chair for Cruz’s presidential campaign in Michigan in which Cruz came in second behind Donald Trump.  Colbeck later encouraged voters to elect Donald Trump in the general election and Trump went on to become the first Republican to win the state since 1988.

Colbeck has been recognized by Michigan State Senator Jim Ananich (D) as “Michigan’s Ted Cruz.”  In fact, Colbeck and Cruz align on many fronts, most recently on education.  As a state senator, Colbeck introduced bills that leveraged federal 529 tax exemptions to create  “Enhanced MESP (Michigan Education Savings Program) Accounts” allowing families to get more access to education funds without Michigan having to raise taxes.  Similarly, Senator Cruz, as detailed in The Hill, introduced an amendment in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that would expand 529 savings accounts for K-12 expenses.
Also like Cruz, Colbeck is not afraid to distance himself from Republicans  when they stray from the principles on which the party was built. Both have been fierce opponents of Obamacare.  As George Will noted during the Michigan Presidential primary,  Colbeck is a “thorn in the side of the GOP’s legislative leadership on spending and other matters.  Which is to say, he is somewhat like Ted Cruz.”
Colbeck is also a supporter of the reforms Senator Cruz advocated in the national tax reform package.  Colbeck says under the plan, it is important now more than ever for Michigan to eliminate the state income tax.  The federal plan restricts the state income and property tax deduction and state income tax elimination could be the chance for Michigan to attract employers from high tax states, like Illinois.  Colbeck has outlined a practical, milestone-based plan to eliminate the state income tax through efficiency-based expense reductions and economic growth."
Colbeck faces Attorney General Bill Schuette and Lt. Governor Brian Calley in the Republican primary for Governor.
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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