Friday, December 22, 2017

Calley Cuts Into Schuette's Lead As More Republican Primary Voters Say They're Undecided

By Brandon Hall
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Attorney General Bill Schuette's 39% lead has disappeared as more likely Republican primary voters move to the undecided column.

According to a new poll from Steve Mitchell's Mitchell Research And Communications, Schuette leads Lt. Governor Brian Calley 25%-14%. State Senator Patrick Colbeck comes in at 2%, and Dr. Jim Hines also received 2%.

Previously, just over 30% were undecided as Schuette led 52-13. Now, nearly 60% of Republican primary voters are undecided.

Mitchell tells MIRS Calley's entrance into the Governor's race, as well as his campaign for a Part Time Legislature, helped the LG close the gap.

According to MIRS:

"Steve MITCHELL, president of Mitchell Research & Communications, credited Schuette's eroded support to the fact Calley recently announced his candidacy...

In the last two months, Calley has transferred leadership of his part-time legislature ballot initiative to other Republican activists, announced his candidacy and touted the gains Michigan has made since Gov. Rick SNYDER and Calley were elected in 2010, Mitchell said. 

"This is clearly now a close race," Mitchell said." 

Calley's campaign consultant John Yob tells MIRS he didn't think Schuette's numbers would fall so quickly. Yob blasted Schuette's Super PAC, also predicting Calley, Schuette, and Colbeck will be in a close race that mirrors the 2010 primary.

""We knew the race would tighten as voters compared the two candidates, but it is rare that you see polling numbers totally collapse so quickly," Yob told MIRS. "Voters will move from undecided to Brian Calley as they decide to continue the Michigan comeback rather than revert back to the failed policies of the lost decade.   

"This primary is shaping up very similar to 2010 with Calley, Schuette, and Colbeck in a tight campaign down the stretch," Yob added. "We will once again prove that endorsements from politicians and poorly implemented cheap shots from SuperPACs don't win primaries in Michigan." 

The most alarming aspect of these numbers for Mr. Schuette is clear: 75% of voters oppose his candidacy or are just not sold on him yet despite over 30 years as a power player in Michigan politics.

Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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