Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Breaking: Colbeck Blasts Schuette For Demanding State Employees Support His Campaign For Governor

Bill Schuette, left, Patrick Colbeck, right

By Brandon Hall
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State Senator Patrick Colbeck pulled no punches in addressing a recent report from the Detroit Free Press where Attorney General Bill Schuette says he will fire state employees who don't support his campaign for Governor.

Colbeck tells West Michigan Politics he asked his office staff not to be involved in any campaign related events while Schuette seems to demand participation.
"We have different approaches to managing staff paid for by state taxpayers," Colbeck said. "I explicitly told my staff not to participate in campaign-related activities. He appears to use involvement in his campaign as a condition of employment."

Colbeck's comments come after Schuette made a stunning admission to Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press last week.

According to the Freep:

"Schuette was unapologetic Dec. 6, when a reporter pointed out that his executive office representatives were Republican activists and Schuette supporters.

"They'd better be, or they're not going to be working for me," he said."

Schuette's comments were stunning for a political pro like himself, a rookie move from a seasoned Vet.

Article 11, Section 5 of the Michigan Constitution forbids any action against state civil service employees for partisan reasons such as a Gubernatorial campaign.

"No appointments, promotions, demotions or removals in the classified service shall be made for religious, racial or partisan considerations," the Constitution proclaims.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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