Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Money Moves: Biz Wiz Sandy Pensler Pours $5 Million In Campaign To Beat Stabenow

Sandy Pensler

By Brandon Hall
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Biz wiz Sandy Pensler is serious about beating Debbie Stabenow, and now the Republican Senate candidate is giving his campaign $5 million to get the job done.

Pensler spokesman Tom Shields says the move shows Pensler is serious.

"Republicans now have an impressive candidate with real business experience and the resources to hold Debbie Stabenow accountable for her four decades of double talk as a career politician,” Shields said in a press release.

Pensler's announcement comes just days after former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young dropped out of the race after struggling to raise money. Young only had $100,000 on hand while Stabenow sits on $7 million.

Speculation has also swirled regarding John James dropping out of the race. 

James, a Veteran, West Point grad, and businessman, has inspired Republicans with a powerful story, but that story has failed to produce support in the polls, or improve his fundraising. James had about $200,000 on hand in his last statement and struggles to crack double digits in polling.

Pensler, a business turn around artist from Southeast Michigan, helps companies on the brink of failure, saving jobs and making a profit in the process.

The latest poll before Young's departure from the race showed nearly 80% of likely Republican primary voters are undecided...
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. John James would be a good candidate, but he is "invisible". He can't be a stealth candidate and expect to win. National endorsements are great, but people in Michigan vote and expect to see/hear from the candidates.

  2. I think James would be better than Pensler, but have to agree with Bill's comment. James has been nowhere to be Found in and around Wayne County and refuses to even return Phone Calls from District Leadership to discuss Events that he should appear at! James needs to spend 2018 building up his Political acumen and garnering name recognition and then make a real Run vs Peters (Vet v Vet) in 2020 instead.

  3. But, let me also add, Pensler is nowhere to be found either. Appears he thinks he's just going to Buy the Seat. Recipe for FAILURE!!!

  4. Carr and Young (before he dropped) had agreed to Debates! Pensler and James are Ducking Debates. What are they afraid Michigan Residents would (or would not) see from them in a Debate?!?!? #FaceTheVoters

  5. Neither Good nor great candidates can win unless Republicans do two things ASAP: 1. End open primaries (since old Stabenow has the dem nomination wrapped up, dems will vote for a sure loser or at least disrupter on the republican side). 2. Clean up the voter rolls. As of 2016, over half of Michigan counties have more people regist red to vote than they have voting-age people; in fact, two Detroit counties have more than 100,000 more registered voters than people between them. Our election system on the state level is broken.