Friday, January 19, 2018

Scott Hagerstrom Resigns As MIGOP Deputy Chair, Joins Schuette's PAC For 2018

By Brandon Hall
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Scott Hagerstrom has resigned as the Michigan Republican Party Deputy Chair in order to take a leading role with "Better Jobs, Stronger Families," the Political Action Committee supporting Bill Schuette's campaign for Governor.

Hagerstrom will focus on the PAC's grassroots engagement and outreach efforts...

Hagerstrom led President Trump's historic Michigan campaign in 2016. Before that, he worked with Paul Mitchell to defeat Prop 1. Hagerstrom also spent years leading American For Prosperity's political efforts in the Great Lakes State, notably, the fight for Right To Work.

Hagerstrom praised Schuette and says he is excited to work with the grassroots to deliver a win for the AG later this year.

"“Who we elect as Governor in November will help determine whether we move our economy forward and create jobs or return to a bleak past,” Hagerstrom said in a press release. “Bill Schuette is the only candidate who will build a strong economy and a brighter future for our state. I’m excited to bring that message to grassroots across Michigan and prove the power of the grassroots to the pundits all over again.” 

Political consultant Stu Sandler is the Executive Director of the PAC. Sandler says Hagerstrom's addition to the team is exciting, and that he will be critical to winning in November.

“We are excited to have Scott join our efforts to support Bill Schuette.  Scott will generate grassroots excitement and momentum around Bill Schuette’s vision for a stronger Michigan,”Sandler said in a press release. “Scott has the talent, passion and drive to help build the type of grassroots movement that will be critical to our victory in November."
Hagerstrom, right, with Grant Strobl, left (DarKen Photography)

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Scott loves getting down on his knees to serve men: whether politically or otherwise. No surprise that he signed onto be Bill's bitch. A weak man without a soul.