Monday, January 29, 2018

Bombshell: Dem Candidate Running To Be "America's First Muslim Governor" Abdul El-Sayed May Be Ineligible For 2018 Ballot

El Sayed

By Brandon Hall
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A blockbuster new report from Bridge Magazine shows that Democrat Abdul El-Sayed, a Doctor from Detroit who is running for Governor, may be ineligible for the 2018 ballot.

The controversy surrounds El Sayed's 2015 voter registration in New York City, as the Michigan Constitution requires one be a registered voter in the Great Lakes State for at least 4 years before running for Governor.

"To be eligible for the office of governor or lieutenant governor a person must have attained the age of 30 years, and have been a registered elector in this state for four years next preceding his election," says Article 5, Section 22.

Experts believe the case is headed for court once El Sayed files his nominating petitions...

El Sayed has raised significant money from outside the state in his quest to become the first Muslim Governor in America.

According to Bridge:

"Dr. Abdul El-Sayed’s life story is a cornerstone of the Democrat’s campaign for Michigan governor. Born in Metro Detroit, he starred in high school sports, won a full scholarship to the University of Michigan Medical School and became chief of Detroit’s Health Department at age 30.

But a key chapter in that narrative, a professorship at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in New York, may threaten El-Sayed’s ability to make it onto the the Aug. 7 primary ballot, where polls indicate he is the most credible challenger to Democratic front-runner Gretchen Whitmer.

That’s because the Michigan Constitution requires gubernatorial candidates be a “registered elector in this state” for four years before the general election – and El-Sayed was registered to vote in Manhattan as recently as March 2015, New York Department of Elections records show.

El-Sayed re-registered in Michigan in 2016 and did so with a New York driver license, according to Michigan Secretary of State records.
“This may be a problem. This may be something that the courts may have to decide,” said Ed Sarpolus, executive director of the Target-Insyght polling firm in Lansing.

Six election lawyers from Michigan reviewed El-Sayed’s voting records at the behest of Bridge Magazine. All but one raised serious questions about his legal qualifications to be on the 2018 state ballot. One called the case against him a “slam dunk.”

The issue likely wouldn’t come to a head until El-Sayed files paperwork making his campaign official. Among them is an affidavit of identity swearing he meets constitutional requirements to be a candidate. The deadline is April 24.

El-Sayed’s campaign told Bridge he’s eligible because he has owned an apartment in Ann Arbor with his wife since 2008."
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Likely this would be legal under Sharia law.

  2. This will, of course, be NO PROBLEM. Laws don't apply to DUMBocrats. They'll just find a Liberal Activist Judge that will ignore the Law and Order him on the Ballot and the MISOS and MIAG will just roll-over and not bother to object or appeal.

    1. Just like when Conyers failed to meet Petition Signature requirements and was Put on the Ballot by a Liberal Judge (and the MISOS and MIAG rolled over rather than FIGHT TO UPHOLD LAW)!

  3. Stick a fork in his campaign...he's done.

  4. How do you own an apartment? Did he lease a unit or does he own the whole apartment complex.

    Anyways, "The Law" says "voting record" not place of residence and what you own.

    The Rule of Law MUST matter to the Governor... Shouldn't it!

    If he wants to bend this requirement... What else will he do "to bend" other requirements in order to obtain his personal wishes and desires!

    Man up and drop out!

    1. Pray to God that the Rule of Law be upheld. Things are turning to truth in many areas!

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