Friday, January 19, 2018

Drain The Swamp: Stan Grot Calls On Secretary Of State To Take Over Corrupt+Controversial Detroit Elections

By Brandon Hall
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Stan Grot, the Shelby Township Clerk and 10th Congressional District Republican Chair running for Secretary of State, says it's time for that office to take over Detroit's controversial election system.

Detroit has seen two immensely problematic elections in recent years, with many ballots being unable to be recounted after the 2016 Presidential election, as well as after local elections in 2017. 

Seals on boxes in many precincts were broken, rendering them useless. Other precincts had more votes cast than registered voters. The issues could have severely impacted a race for Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey that saw the incumbent barely squeak out a win that subsequently went to a recount. The recount produced more questions than answers... 

Grot says the final results are questionable, and the problems are hurting the confidence Detroiters have in the system.

“Recently, the Detroit City Clerk has come under scrutiny for yet another botched election, Grot said in a press release. "Tainted ballots prevented a legitimate recount from taking place in her own re-election bid in November. Her abysmal track record is proof that she is incapable of conducting fair elections.It’s still unclear whether the errors are a result of deliberate manipulations or incompetence, but one thing we know for certain is that it has compromised the integrity of our elections in Detroit. It’s caused many Detroit voters to lose interest in the process entirely, threatening the very foundation our democratic system is built on. This is very unfortunate with so many important decisions on the 2018 ballot for Michiganders to make."

Grot says it's time for action.

"I’m calling on the Secretary of State to conduct extensive public accuracy testing, election worker training, oversight of election day operations, and verification of the final results on Election Day in Detroit," Grot said. "It’s time for the state to step in to restore the integrity of our elections in Detroit.”

Grot faces MSU Professor Dr. Joseph Guzman and Eastern Michigan University Trustee Mary Trader Lang in the battle for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. 

Delegates will decide who gets the nod at the Michigan Republican Party State Convention in August.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Between them, Detroit counties sport over 100,000 more registered voters than voting-age citizens. Over 50%of Michigan counties had more registered voters in 2016 than voting-age citizens. Can you say “Michigan’s voting system is broken”?

  2. Personally, I'd love to see the reaction with people are asked to show a government issued ID before voting.

    That would be a good first step towards curtailing the shenanigans that happen during each election down there.