Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Imam From Dearborn Joins Trump Michigan Middle East Coalition, BLASTS Hillary

Hassan, center, with Trump-Pence MI Deputy State Director CJ Galdes, Paul Elhindi, and Fr. Anthony Kathawa, far left

By-Brandon Hall
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Sheikh Mohammad Al Hajj Hassan, the Imam from Dearborn who supports Donald Trump, has joined the campaign as a member of the Michigan Middle East Leadership team.

The Middle East Leadership team is featured below.

In a statement, Hassan touted his Muslim faith, blasting Hillary Clinton for her ISIS ties while praising Trump. Hassan also urged people of all faiths to vote for "the Donald."

He also referenced his brother, who was kidnapped by ISIS... Hassan has previously blamed Hillary for co-founding the Islamic State...

"It is an honor to work with leaders from Michigan’s Middle Eastern community in support of Donald Trump for President," Hassan said.  "We will be doing everything we can to get out the vote for Mr. Trump on November 8th because we know he is the only candidate who will bring the change needed to unleash our economy and make the world a safer and more peaceful place. 

My friends and family overseas have been personally victimized as a direct result of the creation and spread of ISIS under Hillary Clinton’s watch.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s poor judgment at home and in the Middle East has already cost us too much, and we simply cannot afford a third Obama term.  As a Muslim, I proudly support Donald Trump for President and urge people of all faiths and backgrounds to do the same.”

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Michigan Middle Eastern Leadership Team:

Saad Abbo – President of U.S. Ice Corp, Detroit
Samir Hanna – St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Troy

Ed Haroutunian – Founding Chair of Wayne County Republican Committee, Detroit

Sheikh Mohammad Al Hajj Hassan – Imam, Dearborn

Bobby Hesano – President of D&B Grocers, Orchard Lake

Joseph Kassab – Iraqi Christians Advocacy & Empowerment Institute, Farmington Hills

Fr. Anthony Kathawa – Assistant Pastor at St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Church, West Bloomfield

Dr. Zina Salem – President and CEO of United Community Family Services, West Bloomfield

Sam Yono – President of Global Ties Detroit, Waterford

Milad Zohrob – American Lebanese Coalition, Farmington Hills

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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