Saturday, October 8, 2016

Breaking: Calley Bails On Trump, Joins Amash+Upton's Calls For A Replacement

From right, Amash, Calley, and Upton

By-Brandon Hall
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Lt. Gov. Brian Calley says he is abandoning Donald Trump and is calling for the record number of votes for him to be thrown out in favor of a hand-picked replacement.

According to the Detroit News:

“The latest revelations about Donald Trump and his past make it impossible for me to maintain support of him,” Calley said in a statement released exclusively to The Detroit News. “This is not a decision I take lightly because I still believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency represents a disastrous alternative.”

Calley called on Trump to step aside and “allow a replacement to provide the kind of option America could believe in.”

“If he does not, I intend to write in the name of Governor Pence and focus my time, effort and support on the state House elections,” said Calley, referring to Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Congressman Upton and Amash are also ok with throwing out the votes of the people. 

According to MLive:

"At least three prominent Michigan Republicans are calling on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to withdraw from the race.

That includes Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, who previously endorsed Trump, and U.S. Reps. Fred Upton and Justin Amash."

Former Cruz State Director Wendy Day also said  via Facebook that "Trump should step aside. Pence would win."

MIGOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel issued a blistering statement hitting Trump, saying:

"As a woman, as the mother of a 13-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son, and as a Republican, I find Mr. Trump's comments reprehensible and disgusting. Mr. Trump has apologized for the comments he made 11 years ago, but needs to do so again and again if he hopes to gain back any semblance of public trust.

I am confident that Michiganders know that Donald Trump’s comments represent only himself, and other Republicans do not share his views. Donald Trump's comments are his alone to own and I cannot and will not defend them."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Amash is not the conservative every has thought. He has always voted what is good for him. Alley Calley will never get my support nor would Downton the loser. The cowards lose. Women are not darling angels that need to be protected for the men's club house talk. Remember hellilary uses the F word constantly on the people that are assigned to protect her. She has protected her pedophile husband escapades to pedophile island five times. She has hired people to threaten, harass and ruin women billy raped, molested, inappropriately touched and
    disrespected. She tells people to get the F away. And has told a soldier with a war dog who was part of guarding her overseas get the F.....g thing away from me. How many times has she told willy to put his D... back and zip. Let's cut the garbage and get straight to the point. What was said ten years ago is a big difference then the action that crooked helliary still continues today . She loathe the ordinary citizens and believes they are beneath her. Remember her deplorables? Jezebel is a saint compared to her. Crooked helliary is the personification of evil. If helliary had accomplishments that is what she should talk about. But unfortunately she has accomplished nothing but a vast crime syndicate world wide Pay for Play. The billiary team has extorted money from every country she has managed to go to at the expense, freedom and safety of our country. Anyone that is showing indignation about locker room talk is really showing their true colors. Women say they are equal with men then take the locker banter just what's it for nothing more than talk. What kind of person is helliary when she stoops so low to drag the debates into the gutter instead of talking about issues????? Evil!!!

    1. are right..they are mostly all phonies except for a few..Sessions being one of the good ones..

      Please read and share.

  2. I'm amazed at the lack of teamwork and backbone by some in this party. Which principle is higher... Lewd and crude or late abortions, open borders and rigid gun controls? You guys (disguised pro-Hillary) need to join the others that sit during our national anthem. Then I would truly understand. I'm standing by for return fire if you have the nerve. I won't hold my breath. Colonel Brooks, USAF retired.

  3. Time for assassination politics. Vote from the rooftops

  4. Pence is a bureacratic scum bag just like the rest. Look at his damn record. For one he promised to get rid of Common Core in his state and teied to pull off a rebrand. Personally I thhink that video was edited and it is easy to prove. I hope Trump smells the same rat that I do.

  5. I laugh at the spectacle of all the faux moralizing by republicans who pretend that insulting citizens is a greater evil than betraying them. This proves that anyone who is openly pro American is an instant enemy of both parties. But the Republicans are most nauseating here. What can be said for a party that crucifies a man who wants to cut taxes, reduce regulations, create more jobs, repeal ObamaCare and common core, shut down the Dept of ED in favor of more choice for parents, reform NATO and other alliances-all of which are sorely needed, because, wait for it, he hurts peoples feelings??? OMG! Not our college grads but rather our adult political leaders are in need of safe spaces with padded walls to protect their fragile feelings. Mr Trump is guilty of unseemly trash talk and that is what it is, trash talk. And yes it is unbecoming of a presidential candidate. He publicly apologized for it which I would expect any man to do. But I can tell you the Democrats are ecstatic right now over the "gotcha" with which they are now clobbering the GOP. They are overjoyed at the sight of a cowering, cringing, party retreating from its candidate at the prospect of accepting a shared but unearned guilt. I am so angry at the spineless GOP that I'm doubling down on getting Trump elected if for no other reason than to majorly shake up the party.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I agree with Michael Neibel Anyone who at this point is not supporting our candidate is voting for Hillary.. and I will hold them personally accountable. Calley Amash and Upton

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