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Breaking: Allegations Lon Johnson Fathered Stephanie Cutter's Baby Swirl In MI-1

Lon Johnson and Jennifer Smoot

By-Brandon Hall
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Allegations Lon Johnson fathered Stephanie Cutter's baby are hounding the 1st District Congressional candidate with the election against Republican Jack Bergman just two weeks away.

The mystery has been ongoing for over 3 years now...

According to 2013 reports from the Daily Mail:

"CNN anchor Stephanie Cutter 'excited' to be pregnant with her first child at 44 - but there's no word on who the father is

Top political strategist turned CNN anchor, Stephanie Cutter is pregnant with her first child at the age of 44.

The Washington Post notes that there is no early word on who the father is and the blonde is, who is not married, is thought to be single.

A source told the publication that Ms Cutter, due in March, is 'very excited' about the prospect of motherhood and otherwise, 'not dishing about the details of the pregnancy at all."

Cutter, a close member of Obama's inner circle, is no stranger to the spotlight, serving as Michelle Obama's Chief Of Staff in 2008, and Deputy Campaign Manager in 2012. She then hosted "Crossfire" on CNN.

Before that, according to WikiPedia, Cutter:

"worked for President Bill Clinton as Deputy Communications Director at the White House during his administration "to help restore Mr. Clinton’s image in the aftermath of (his) impeachment and Monica Lewinsky."

Beginning in 2001, she served as Communications Director for Senator Ted Kennedy. In November 2003, she was named communications director for the John Kerry campaign, at Kennedy's recommendation. During that campaign, she was criticized for having a surly and difficult personality and was often scapegoated for Kerry's loss. Kerry considered the criticism of her unfair and praised her work."

Johnson, the former Chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, was recently in the news for a shady house he claims to live in, likely for tax purposes.

Johnson worked with Cutter on various projects via his wife during the Obama campaigns. Johnson is married to one of Cutter's best friends, Jennifer Smoot, who was also part of the Obama team-both Cutter and Smoot were Deputy Campaign Managers in 2012. Cutter and Smoot even attended college together.

Politico: "Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, and his three deputies (from left) Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, Stephanie Cutter and Juliana Smoot, at the Chicago headquarters on Dec. 28, 2011.(Photo: AP Photo)

Smoot helped raise millions for the President in 2008, then worked at the White House, marrying Johnson in 2011. 

(Interestingly enough, Smoot also used to work for John Edwards in her home state of North Carolina. Edwards was famous for his own love triangle/baby scandal)

Smoot and Cutter pose with members of the Obama team

Smoot then served as Obama Deputy Campaign Manager in 2012. After Obama's re-election, he was instrumental in Johnson's ouster of Mark Brewer as MDP Chair in 2013...

Cutter and Johnson have remained close, with Cutter co-hosting a $500 a plate fundraiser for Johnson earlier this year in Washington D.C.

Multiple social media posts from 2013, the year Cutter became pregnant, show Cutter and Johnson working together.

>>>Editor's Note: This story began when I accidentally referred to Cutter as Johnson's wife, and the following conversation ensued:

After receiving corroborating information that can not be released because it will reveal the source, and after further consultation with trusted sources about the information presented, I believe this to be an extremely credible allegation.

Just as I did with the Courser/Gamrat revelations first reported by WMP in July 2015, I believe these allegations are likely true.

>>>Stephanie Cutter, if you happen to be reading:

I am willing to pay for a DNA test of your child if you dispute this report and want to put an end to all of the speculation!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

>>>Email him at

Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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