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Special Prosecutor Needed ASAP: David Leyton-Top Attorney Investigating Flint Water Crisis With Schuette-Has Extensive Ties To Jeff Wright

Leyton, center, with Schuette
  By Brandon Hall  

Disturbing news is emerging regarding the Flint Water Crisis: Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton has a clear and present conflict of interest in the case and must step down or be forceably removed immediately.

Leyton is one of the top attorneys on the case, working side-by-side with Attorney General Schuette as one of the chief prosecutors in the Flint water investigation. U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade is also spearheading the effort....

Unfortunately, Leyton is extensively tied to Jeff Wright, "the man who poisoned Flint," the corrupt Genesee County Drain Commissioner who doubles as the CEO of the Karegnondi Water Authority, the controversial plan that led to the crisis.

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A WMP investigation reveals Wright-a former FBI public corruption target turned rat, banked nearly $200,000 from the contractors who made millions off the Flint Water crisis. Some of the contractors had extensive ties to ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick...

Leyton has already recused himself from a past investigation of Wright tied to Blake Rizzo in 2005. Leyton HIMSELF says he knows Wright too well and can't properly investigate him.

According to reports:

"Named as taking bribes from Rizzo were Burton Mayor Charles Smiley, City Administrator Charles Abbey, Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeffrey Wright and Burton Councilman Bob Centilli.

Smiley, Wright and Centilli deny the claims; Abbey could not be reached for comment.
The Flint Journal could not reach Rizzo or his attorney, Michael Manley, for comment Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, David Leyton, who will take over Busch's job in 2005, said he likely would turn any investigation of the case over to the state attorney general's office.

"We're just not equipped to handle it, " Leyton said. "It would take thousands of man-hours, and with budget cuts, we just don't have that kind of staff."

Leyton said he also personally knows some of the people mentioned in the transcripts, such as political consultant Ken McArdle, Smiley and Wright, so it could be a conflict of interest for him to take on the case. McArdle worked on Leyton's 2004 campaign.

Rizzo accused Smiley and Wright of having Rizzo pay for McArdle's services for their campaigns - $5,000 each for Smiley's campaigns in 1999 and 1995 and $5,000 or $10,000 for Wright's campaign in 2000."

>>>Wright hosted Leyton at a golf party in 2009. Leyton posted about it on Facebook.

>>>And Leyton and Wright teamed up as recently as 3 weeks ago to co-host a fundraiser together...

>>>In addition to Leyton's own admission that he's too close to Wright, his past precedent from other cases indicates he should remove himself from the case.

According to MLive:

"Prosecutor David Leyton has recused himself from a case involving two former Genesee Intermediate School District administrators using public funds to facilitate an affair.

Leyton, who asked the Michigan State Police to investigate the matter involving former superintendent Thomas Svitkovich and assistant superintendent Beverly Knox-Pipes, said he recused himself because Svitkovich had previously donated to his political campaigns.

"I recused myself to avoid the appearance of any improprieties," said Leyton.

Leyton said he learned Svitkovich had donated made campaign donations to him after he asked one of his campaign members to look to see if either Svitkovich or Knox-Pipes had made any donations.
Leyton said he was not sure how much Svitkovich had donated. Leyton said he sent a letter to the Michigan Attorney General asking him to recuse himself a few weeks ago."

Wright has made at least one donation to Leyton and possibly other contributions as well...

 Flint Water activist Leroy Jackson blasted Leyton on Facebook. Jackson is amazed Wright, along with ex-FLint Mayor Dwayne Walling, have avoided punishment .

"The residents of Flint, MI. do not trust Genesee County," Jackson said. "If (Leyton) arrests Ex Mayor Walling and Genesee County Drain Comm. Jeff Wright, then he means business. If not, he's on some Bulls***!"
McQuade (Freep)
  Mr. Leyton should have NEVER allowed himself to investigate this case in the first place. Even worse, as the investigation continued, he still did not recuse himself!

Now, immense damage has been done to the credibility of the investigation. No evidence exists Leyton is corrupt in this case, but he himself admits he can't investigate Jeff Wright. Wright also donated to him, just like past cases where Leyton dismissed himself from the case...

The Genesee County portion of the investigation should immediately be turned over to a special prosecutor, or U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

If Leyton won't go on his own accord, Attorney General Schuette should intervene immediately. If Mr. Schuette refuses to act, Mrs. McQuade should step in.  

WMP called for a full Flint investigation in October of 2015 and cares deeply about the situation there. It's complicated, unlike the media narrative being portrayed... It's also worth remembering that while WMP called for a full investigation, Schuette initially refused to do, declining in December but later changing course...

Flint Lives Matter, as all lives matter. The problem is that again and again actions speak louder than words, and the people of Flint are immensely frustrated, screwed over repeatedly by politicians in both parties at every level of government. Enough is ENOUGH!

 >>>Meet Jeff Wright, The Man Who Poisoned Flint
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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