Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Must Read: Residents Fight Back After Little Miss Flint's Meeting With Trump Results In Disgusting Bullying Campaign

By Brandon Hall  

After "Little Miss Flint" met Donald Trump, the media and the far left shared a picture of the two, subsequently implying she was scared of Trump while making fun of the meeting. Her Mom has made it clear it was the circus like atmosphere that scared her, but that hasn't stopped the hideous remarks.

A.C. Dumas, an advisor to Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, also joined in on the bullying, blasting the little girl in a Facebook post.

The response was swift, with Flint residents again and again showing support for Mari Copney, the child who has captured Flint's heart during this difficult time. They praised Copney's willingness to meet with Trump, blasting Dumas and his ignorant comments.

"Advisor to the same mayor who allowed a visit from the nominee of a major political party to become a media circus? The same mayor who squandered the chance to inform the nation that we still can't drink the water for 2 1/2 years now. What a missed opportunity! All because Weaver couldn't set her partisanship aside for the greater good of the city. Little Miss Flint had to make up for the class our mayor was lacking," Joyce Vincent  said.

"Wow. How about. Because she is Little Miss Flint. And she is basically Flints spokesperson for the children and everyone in flint, and Trump came to Flint....her city?! Please back off from bashing," wrote Amy Gill.

Dumas, with Hillary Clinton
Arthur Woodson said "A.C. Dumas is a dumbass.. Talk about compromise position, how about voter fraud for two votes. How about running around from pillow to post looking for a free ride. How about A.C. Dumas you stop compromising your morals and integrity for a dollar. Sorry people I had to get that out. He needs to get down from city hall. This is the mayors advisor."

Haroletta Martin responded "But it was ok to meet Hilary and President Obama? WOW.....smdh."

Her Mother also responded... "This man has never met me or my child. People who are advising others in high offices need to learn to keep their opinions off of Facebook," Lulu Brezell wrote.

Kayamonne Sutton Sr. may have had the best response:


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