Friday, September 16, 2016

Sam Riddle BLASTS Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, Praises Trump's Visit, Says Dems "Take Black America For Granted"

 By Brandon Hall       

While the media focused on everything but the people of Flint, playing up the "Trump not welcome," "Trump interrupted" angle, controversial political consultant Sam Riddle and activist praised "The Donald's" visit to the beleaguered town, grateful Trump was putting the spotlight back on a City many people-like Hillary Clinton-have forgotten.

Riddle did not have positive things to say about Flint Mayor Karen Weaver...

According to MIRS:

"(P)olitical consultant Sam RIDDLE, whose family is from Flint, said Trump coming to Flint is "not a bad thing" because "by simply rolling in, I don't care what his motives are, he refocuses the world and national spotlight on Flint." 

He argued Democrats still take Black America for granted because "we're in their political hip pocket. The Republicans, for the most part, can afford to write us off because we don't support them.

"So where is the political leverage for a city of Flint, when the mayor of the city of Flint gets ahead of the pack early to get behind Hillary?" Riddle asked. "What has she done for Flint? Not a damn thing. The people of Flint are still in pain and that pain is going to continue until America says, 'Help the people of Flint."

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