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"Flimsy" Courser/Gamrat Report Lacks Hard Evidence

By Brandon Hall
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AT&T Michigan President Jim Murray is no fan of embattled State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, but he took to Twitter this afternoon to comment on the House Business Office's much hyped report regarding the pair-he doesn't think there's any smoking gun warranting their removal.

"I don't see anything in the report that warrants expulsion," Murray said. "Plenty of punishment options open to the House."

What was originally nearly a 100 page report from the House Business Office according to sources was released with apparently less than half that amount of pages this afternoon. Only about 12 pages discuss the investigation, 28 pages are just a rehash of House rules.

Michigan Restaurant Association leader Brian DeBano described the report as "very flimsy."

No testimony was attached, no audio provided, not a drop of evidence given-nothing. Documents, interviews, computer and phone records and other things are mentioned, but not a single item is provided. Wasn't that why we had to wait over a week for the report to go public, so it could be "sanitized," so the public could see evidence without compromising the privacy of constituents or House employees?

The report also appears to contradict itself and the facts of the situation.

In one part of the report, it says that "Speaker Cotter had no knowledge of work related issues concerning Keith Allard or Ben Graham prior to their termination." It continues: "Furthermore, Speaker Cotter had no knowledge of misuse of state resources by anyone in Rep. Courser or Rep. Gamrat's office prior to the article by the Detroit News August 7, 2015."

However, sources have told WMP since early July  that the Speaker has known since around May 22nd that Courser wrote the false flag email and tried to get staff to send it, as well as other problems in the office that may have involved misuse of state resources. Cotter, through Chief of Staff Norm Saari, was even provided evidence of the claims. No action was taken. It is now that exact email that is the primary foundation of this report from the HBO.

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Also, former staffer Josh Cline met with House Leadership in April to express concerns about the office and work environment-he says he was basically told to get lost. (Cline's name does not join Graham and Allard's at the beginning of the quote, interestingly enough...)

"According to the Detroit Free Press:

"During a news conference Monday, Cline, who resigned in the spring, said it became obvious soon after the lawmakers took office that they had a such a personal, intimate relationship that it created a hostile work environment and made working in the office "untenable"...

Cline quit the office in April and said the last straw was when he realized that they had cancelled or rescheduled more than half the meetings they set up. He said he brought his concerns about the relationship to members of the office of Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant. But said he "felt there was no relief forthcoming."

Even the report admits the Speaker's office dropped the ball and should have started an investigation much earlier:

""while (Cotter's Chief of Staff) may not have been given specific information or evidence to substantiate the employees concerns, there was reason in hindsight for the House to further inquire into the validity or depth of their claims"

"May not have?" Well, did he or didn't he?! 

And "there was reason in hindsight for the House to further inquire into the validity or depth of their claims..." Ya think!? 

Maybe there is strong evidence against Courser and Gamrat, but today's report was more of a "blue ball" than a Mileyesque "wrecking ball." The next step will be the House Select Committee conducting the investigation having their first meeting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

According  to the Detroit News:

"Cotter appointed Rep. Ed McBroom of Dickinson County as chairman of the panel and Rep. Kurt Heise of Plymouth as vice chairman. He also appointed Republican Reps. Rob VerHeulen of Walker and Andrea LaFontaine of Columbus Township, and Democratic Reps. John Chirkun of Roseville and Frank Liberati of Allen Park."

Below are the relevant images of the report:

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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