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Breaking: MIRS Reports Gamrat Has Identified Chad Livengood As Possible Blackmailer

Chad Livengood

By Brandon Hall
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Sources tell WMP that MIRS will reveal tonight that the alleged blackmailer identified by State Rep. Cindy Gamrat's private investigation team is Detroit News reporter Chad Livengood... Livengood, an extremely well respected reporter, blew the Gamrat/Courser drama wide open with his August 7 report.

MLive has identified the phone registration in the blackmail scheme, with "Todd Courser" listed as the name given. However, why would one register a phone he was going to use to blackmail himself?  And then use one's own name?

It is very unlikely Livengood or Courser was involved with the blackmail in any way, more as the situation develops...

Here is part of the article:

"Attorney Andrew ABOOD, Gamrat's attorney, received an Aug. 17 private investigator report by Dalman Investigations, which used PDJ Services to run a search on the number.

The data that returned was a "C Livingood" connected to a prepaid AT&T phone connected to AT&T's default address on Preston Road in Dallas, Texas.

The name would seem to imply Detroit News reporter Chad LIVENGOOD, the author of the original story that broke the Courser/Gamrat scandal, but if that's the case, the name supplied to Dalman Investigations by PDJ was spelled incorrectly.

For anyone to insinuate any Detroit News reporter was behind the text is preposterous, said the newspaper's managing editor Gary MILES.

On Twitter, Livengood wrote he received a telephone call on the Friday morning his story broke from an unrecognizable man claiming to be the texter. The man shared with the reporter what, at that point, was previously unreleased information about the Courser-Gamrat matter.

On the Monday after, when Courser accused his former staff of being behind the threats, Livengood tweeted for this person to call him back.

To say Livengood could be the texter is "completely impossible," according to former Gamrat-Courser staffer Keith ALLARD, based on when the texts started and when Livengood started asking questions for his story.

"It makes absolutely zero sense. I can only think of one person who would want Todd gone, but not Cindy gone," he said, without elaborating further."

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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  1. Timeline- May 19th Courser meets with Graham to get him to email the gay sex email; May 20th Courser starts receiving "blackmail texts"; Aug 10th Courser explains meeting with Graham to get him to send the gay sex email was in response to the "blackmail texts"-- The text message evidence provided by Courser does not support his claim of being blackmailed then meeting with Graham.