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The Talented Mr. Courser

By Brandon Hall
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If State Rep. Todd Courser is going down, the controversial Lapeer legislator is determined to bring someone with him. Since the story involving an affair with fellow legislator Cindy Gamrat and the false flag gay prostitute email concocted to cover it up has exploded, Courser's targets include:

Ben Graham
Josh Cline
Keith Allard
David Forsmark
Speaker Cotter
Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof

Courser is throwing everything he can at the wall to see what sticks. While attacks against Cline, Graham, Forsmark, and Allard have mostly failed, Courser has successfully woven his narrative of being blackmailed into the conversation. He has also raised legitimate questions regarding Speaker Cotter's actions after he was informed what was going on in this situation months ago, first by Josh Cline in April, then by Ben Graham in May.

Cotter brushed those issues off today in the Detroit News, but more clarity is needed on specifics:

"“I can’t police affairs,” Cotter said. “And while I can hope that others will conduct themselves in an appropriate way, I am not a babysitter and I will get involved when there is at least some strong indication that … taxpayer resources are being used inappropriately.”

What about the false flag email and reports from multiple staffers of severe issues in the office? Cotter knew on May 22nd about the email, and held multiple meetings with the staffers as far back as April regarding hostile working conditions... Isn't that a strong indication something is wrong?

Now, Courser is using a request by WMP for Attorney General Schuette to investigate the #MeekhofSenateBuilding as the reason the affair was revealed at the time it was, telling Northern Michigan radio hosts Trucker Randy and Brian Sommerfield that he was about to send Schuette the letter in early July when issues in the office heated up and Graham and Allard were subsequently fired. They contend the timing of the Detroit News story may be related to this #MeekhofSenateBuilding issue.

Courser has taken bits of truth-he was being blackmailed, he was the leading voice going after the #MeekhofSenateBuilding, and Cotter's office was well aware of problems in his office for months but did not act-and he has used these bits of truth to promulgate a complicated narrative that seeks to distract from other issues at hand, namely, the firing of 2 well respected staffers seemingly because they wouldn't continue to cover up the affair between Courser and Gamrat.

In one of my favorite movies, Matt Damon plays Thomas Ripley, a piano bar mainstay who ends up being hired to go to Europe to bring back a wealthy business owners son, Dickie Greenleaf. Ripley was hired after he was mistaken for a Princeton grad because of the jacket he was wearing, which he had borrowed from a friend.

Ripley becomes obsessed and fixated on the guy he is supposed to convince to come back to the states and eventually kills him when he realizes not only that Greenleaf has no plans of leaving his fiance for him, but also that their friendship is over-if it ever really existed.

Ripley then steals his identity and pretends to be two people, bouncing from the brink of being caught again and again, commiting multiple murders, all while cashing in on Greenleaf's lavish resources. However, each time it looks like Ripley's finished, he survives. Ripley successfully connives his way out of crisis after crisis, eventually even writing a fake suicide note for Dickie that causes his Dad to give Ripley his inheritance!

Lansing isn't Hollywood and Courser isn't Matt Damon. We don't have an awkward gay obsession and a  fake suicide note, but we do have a gay prostitute as part of a twisted fake email. We have someone in Courser, who, if the child molestation false flag scandal before this one is any indication, knows how to manipulate situations for his benefit.

Courser won't resign, and if he is expelled or booted from office by voters next year, he wants to take someone with him-will he succeed? If so, who will it be? Courser is many things, but one can't say he isn't quite talented. He's also a fighter. Lansing is on edge to see what the potential fall out from the Todd and Cindy movie will be, and more like a horror movie than the Lifetime movie some have joked about, many in Lansing are immensely afraid to see what awaits behind the next corner.

Matt Damom in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. So Brandon, are you saying Courser has a homosexual fixation on Sen Meekoff?