Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nugent: Each New Law Should Result In 100 Being Repealed (And Can't Be Longer Than The Constitution)

Ted Nugent performs in Grand Rapids the morning of the election

By Brandon Hall
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As guitar legend Ted Nugent considers mounting a Senate campaign in Michigan, "Uncle Ted" is coming out with some legislative proposals.

According to a recent Facebook post, Nugent says each new law passed by Congress should result in 100 being repealed. He also says each new regulation should result in 10,000 pages of regulations being eliminated, and that all new laws shouldn't be longer than the Constitution.

Nugent writes:

"NugeLaw-New National Laws:

For every new law passed by congress and senate and sent to the president for signat...ure, the congress shall rescind 100 previous laws

NugeLaw - Regulation Control
For every 100 pages of new regulations, the congress shall eliminate 10,000 pages of existing regulations

NugeLaw - Automatic Citizenship
No person born on American soil is automatically granted American citizenship. At least one of the parents of the child must be an American citizen for citizenship to be bestowed to the child.

NugeLaw - Length of New Laws
Another common sense Nuge Law for the GOP congress to pass and send to the senate tomorrow!
No law, including its amendments, can be longer than 4,500 words which is the length of the United States Constitution.

Hey, GOP, you paying attention? Does it really take the Motorcity Madman to write common sense laws that the vast majority of Americans support?"

Whether or not Nugent embarks on a campaign is yet to be seen, but if he indeed pulls the trigger on a run, look for more proposals to be rolled out soon after...

 Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. The concept is great. Some State and Federal Reps and Senators promised a much smaller 2 for 1 reduction. Has this happened yet? Someone in the gov't or paid research groups should actually look at the number or laws on the books and compare to the number that are enforced or viable. As we know many laws are passed to pacify group pressure and are never acted upon.

  2. Draft-dodging carpetbagger once again flaunts his ignorance. Following his plan, we'd eventually have no laws whatsoever. Would you want to get on an airline flight, knowing there were no laws governing it?

    "For every complex problem, there is a simple solution... that won't work."