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A Delegate's Guide To The 2017 Michigan Republican Party Convention

By Brandon Hall(Email Him At

Michigan Republican Party Delegates will meet in Lansing Friday to vote on a number of offices.

Friday night will see races for Congressional District leadership, including who will hold positions on the MIGOP State Committee, the party's flagship governing board. Time constraints did not allow those races to be profiled unfortunately.

Keep an eye on the battle for District Chair in the 1st between incumbent Jesse Osmer and former State Senator Jason Allen. Allen is backed by Congressman Jack Bergman. In the 8th, Norm Shinkle seeks to reclaim the Chairmanship from Tom McMillin, who defeated him at the last convention.

Saturday, delegates will vote for MIGOP party leadership positions. The Chairman race, as well as the Youth Vice-Chair and Coalitions Vice-Chair races, are uncontested.

The focus of the day will be contested battles for Ethnic Vice Chair, Grassroots Vice-Chair, Administrative Vice-Chair, and Outreach Vice-Chair.

>>>A special thanks to DarKen Photography, many of the photos below are from them!

Check out profiles of all the races below:

Weiser, w/ President Trump

Chairman: Ron Weiser

Former Michigan Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser is running unopposed to return as the leader of the MIGOP. Weiser, an immensely successful real estate developer and a major Republican fundraiser, is also a former Ambassador.

Weiser was elected to the University of Michigan's Board Of Regents last fall, and is also a top donor to the University.

Read more about Weiser's extensive resume HERE

VanEssen Wirth, w/ her son

Co-Chair: Amanda VanEssen Wirth

Amanda VanEssen Wirth came within less than 100 votes of winning a 2012 State House race as newcomer to the political scene after graduating law school, remaining active ever since. She was elected co-chair of the Ottawa County Republican Party under Adam Tountas from 2013-2015, subsequently replacing him as Chair from 2015-2017.

VanEssen is also a Captain in the Michigan Army National Guard, as well as as a Brigade Judge Advocate for the 63rd troop command. She also serves as the Ottawa County Attorney-Guardian Ad Litem, "representing children who are victims of child abuse and neglect, and protecting the rights of vulnerable adults," according to her bio.

Tatulyan, right, with CJ Galdes, center, and myself :p

Coalitions Vice-Chair: Kevin Tatulyan:

Kevin Tatulyan is a small business owner and grad student at Wayne State University. Tatulyan recently served on the Trump campaign in Michigan as Coalitions Director.

Kevin tells WMP "I am running to be the next vice chair of coalitions for the Michigan Republican Party because I want our party to be more inclusive. I want us to bring new members to our party so we can win elections with new ideas. And that does not mean we have to give up on the values we as conservatives cherish. It means we have to defend those values in a way that allows new members to see our positions and why we choose to fight for them.

I have had a similar experience by working on the Trump campaign this past election cycle. We carried Michigan for the first time since 1988 because we reached out to everyone and shared our President's bold vision with them. If I earn your vote this weekend, I will not let you down. I will work hard to help our party position itself for another victory in 2018! I humbly ask for your vote this Saturday."


Youth Vice Chair: Michael Banerian

According to his bio, "Michael Banerian is a student at Oakland University and has been involved in politics from an early age. His first major effort was fighting a ballot initiative in his local school district, which would have raised taxes while cutting corners in the classroom. Michael was able to help organize a successful "Vote No" effort on a large scale, pulling students into the campaign in an effort to have their voices heard.

At age 17, Michael founded his own PAC to oppose a similar tax increase. As President of his PAC, Michael was able to amplify the voices of the students and organize hundreds in an effort to fight the increase.

Michael helped students defend their 1 st Amendment rights when a local school district banned students from praying at football games. Michael organized numerous students to protest the ban, leading to its reversal and the restoration of religious freedoms for students.

Michael has served on a U.S. Congressional Campaign, as Campaign Manager for Nick Hawatmeh for State Representative, as Campaign Manager for Nick Hawatmeh for MIGOP Grassroots Vice Chair, as a volunteer for Mike Bishop for Oakland County Prosecutor, and as a volunteer and organizer for Jeff Sakwa for MSU Board of Trustees.

Along with his Vice Chair duties, Michael also serves as the Vice President of the College Republicans of Oakland University."

Ethnic Vice-Chair

Farage, center

Mike Farage

Describe your background and
history-what should delegates know?

"(I have) been a grassroots political activist since age 12. I have been a volunteer for many campaigns and campaign manager for many candidates as well as proposals and referendums. 

Why are you running for Vice Chair?

The next Ethnic Vice Chair needs to be a dynamic individual who has proven they can make a difference in the 2018 election. Almost 100% of my history is success in the inner cities. This is a position that when elected needs a job description in detail with ACTIONS not just words and endorsements

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently than previous vice chairs,if

As Ethnic Vice chair I will go to local town halls, school board meetings ( as I do now ) locked and loaded with a Declaration & Constitution challenging ever common core progressive. I also will hold events and bring in other chairs and vice chairs and Republican leadership to help educate and teach individual empowerment & a GOP State campaign platform that is PRO LIFE , LIBERTIES & 2nd amendment.

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose

All of the candidates bring talent to the table but I bring a dynamic that politics does not see often in a ability to communicate & fight for our platform that has been proven when I was a lead chair on fighting proposal 1 as well as the helping several lower level candidates win local office or make a strong challenge vs. your careers political officials.

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in some way?

The primaries should be closed YES - & NOT just anybody given a voting pass. You must be elected as precinct. delegate or Republican office within the state.

Did you campaign for President Trump?

I was Kent County Grassrots Co- Chair for Donald J. Trump & worked on average 25 hours per week just going door to door on his campaign.

 How is he doing so far?

Thus far into The Presidents term I am happy with most of the over all direction. 

Anything else you'd like to add?
At the convention before voting for Ethnic Vice Chair, I ask people to stop and look at who is a proven inner city leader & has shown leadership when our party has been under attack or challenged? I was recently credited by Michigan Library Association chief executive Gail Madzara with helping pass a bill into law which no longer allows tax captures to take monies allocated for Libraries.
My Campaign Facebook page is :

Bundy, w/ Senator Rand Paul

Ty Bundy

Bundy is a conservative activist and 13th District Executive Committee member. Bundy is running "to continue my work as a leader, to grow and advance the grassroots. My goal is to further spread the values and message of the MIGOP."

Bundy also says "The 2018 election cycle is right around the corner, the migop vice chairs will play a critical role to ensure we keep Michigan Red in 2018. There is no on the job training, you want to select someone with experience. As ethnic vice chair I would bring experience, as a MIGOP state committee member I have experience in the party. However, and possibly more importantly I also have outreach experience within the community. I have volunteered in Detroit... for foundations that address real issues in the community everything from literacy to respecting the law. Also I volunteered as a youth football coach for years. Working with the community to ensure not only success on the field, but placing an emphasis on academics and mentorship, so choose the candidate with real experience and relationships in the fabric of the community choose me Tyrell Bundy for ethnic vice chair."


Terris Todd

Terris Todd is a newcomer to the Republican Party, joining in 2015 after he lost the 2014 Democratic State House primary in the 62nd District. Todd was offered a job by the Republican incumbent, Dr. John Bizon, subsequently causing him to switch parties. Todd says he switched after fellow Dems began harassing him.

WMP was unable to find any campaign Facebook page or website for Todd's Vice-Chair candidacy, and he did not respond to requests for comments on why he was running and what he would do if elected.

According to local reports:

"At one time, former Calhoun County Commissioner Terris Todd wanted to be the Democrat Battle Creek state representative in the 62nd District. These days, he’s endorsing incumbent Republican Rep. Dr. John Bizon, whose re-election bid was officially announced Tuesday on WBCK.

In making his candidacy official, Bizon brought Todd along to publicly endorse Bizon during the announcement. The move is an apparent attempt to sway Democrats to vote for Bizon instead of Democrat County Commissioner Jim Haadsma, who announced his candidacy for the seat earlier this year.

Bizon offered Todd a job in his Lansing office after the 2014 election, which Todd says prompted some soul searching. He accepted the position and switched parties."

Outreach Vice-Chair

Tom Norton
Describe your background and
history-what should delegates know?

   I have been a marketing manager, legion commander, current
 business owner, village president, and a founding board
 member of the WestMichigan Veterans Ranch.
As a marketing manager, I learned to be able to communicate quickly,
 in order to change the dynamic of a conversation involving
 lead generation and product sales.  As a legion post
 commander, I recruited veterans into an organization that was
 dying, and restored that organization to a path of growth.
As a business owner, I have been able to apply my skills to
 determine a direction that works for my company and my
 customers.  As a village president, I have set a tone and
 direction that is bringing the community together. Doing
 any of that, let alone all of that, requires an ability
 to communicate a message and reaching out to those who need
 to hear that message.
 Why are you running for Vice Chair?

To be successful as a party, we must be unafraid to discuss
 our platform with those unfamiliar with our principles and
 our message. Doing that right will require someone whose
 professional experience is marketing, in effectively selling
 people on an idea.  When you elect me as your Outreach
 Vice-Chair, understand that you have my commitment to share
 the republican platform, and principles, and message to every
 corner of every county in this state. Understand that my
 commitment is to COMPLETE THE MISSION of turning Michigan so
 honestly republican, that the progressive big
 government agenda that is killing our country and our state
 will wither and die,to be replaced by a liberty-minded
 philosophy that will Make Michigan Great Again.

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently than previous vice chairs,if

The Outreach Vice-Chair position is about marketing the
 party’sprinciples to the public, through social media,
 radio, and television. . . which requires experience in
 various forms of public presentation, being able to think on
 your feet, defending principles one on one. Truthfully, the
 Republican Party has a strong,constitution-based platform,
 and a message actually based on that platform resonates with
 voters (as they prove time and again in the voting booth).

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose
 I learned the value of principled teamwork. As an
 infantryman, I honed that instinct to a fine edge. Since
 returning from active duty in Afghanistan, I have pulled
 together a coalition for the purpose of passing charitable
 gaming reform (to help fund various
 non-profitorganizations); I have been the “point man” on
 various veterans assistance and outreach initiatives (with a
 specific focus on suicide prevention); and, yes, I have even
 stood up publicly when our legislators have voted contrary to
 our platform and principles.Accomplishing any of those
 requires a leader who can bring in people from
 diverse philosophical starting points, get them all seated
 around the same table, and find the common ground that gives
 them a reason to work together for a common goal.

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in
 some way?

Yes, I support Closing the Primary Process.

Did you campaign for President Trump?
Yes, I sent out email in support of President Trump to
 Precinct Delegates all across the state with the locations of
 Trump headquaters and the Victory Centers in Michigan where
 the supporters of Trump could know where to help out. I was
 also honored to drive in the Trump motorcade when President
Trump paid honor to Former President Gerald R. Ford.

How is he doing so far?
President Trump has done a very good job so far and I am excited to see what he has planned to Make America Great Again!
Soltis w/ State Rep. Mary Whiteford

Ben Soltis
Describe your background and history-what should delegates know?

I've been a precinct delegate and state delegate since I began voting. I got involved during high school with the Jackson County Republican Party and have been an active volunteer since for all sorts of Republican causes

Why are you running for Vice Chair?
I feel I can make a difference and apply my talents to better serve the precinct delegates of the party. With a background in Information Technology, I plan on making sure we're using all of the possible resources we have to not only reach out to voters, but also to those who historically have thought that the party was a waste of time and inform them how they can make a difference.

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently than previous vice chairs, if anything?
I want to be very approachable and open to all precinct delegates and party volunteers. If they're one thing I've noticed in the party, it is that the leaders need to make sure we're not forgetting the little guys. I've been there and know that.  That is why I want to make sure that I can make the party more approachable.  So I plan on making sure to be active not only in my community, but all over the state getting more people involved.

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose you?
I have experience in not only Information Technology, but in conveying ideas in terms people can understand. In the party bylaws it states that it is part of the Outreach Vice Chair's job to use technology to convey the Republican message.  I want to use my talents and knowledge in technology to make sure that we can fulfill this part of the bylaws.  The past few elections have shown us that using the internet can really change the outcome of the election; we should also be using it to keep up relationships with out voters as well.

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in some way?
I am open to changing the primary process, but it would be contingent on making sure involvement increases in the party to more adequately represent Republicans in Michigan.

Did you campaign for President Trump? How is he doing so far?
I support President Trump and I believe he is doing a great job so far. He is doing what he is carrying out his campaign promises that he made to the American People.  He really is fighting for all Americans.
Anything else you'd like to add?
I'm an Eagle Scout, a member of the Knights of Columbus, on the Executive Committee of the Jackson County Republican party, and have helped on races all across Michigan.  While I was at Grand Valley, I got pepper spray unbanned on the campus and raised a ruckus trying to get firearms unbanned as well.  I did both of these things to stand up for students 2nd amendment rights.


Kenneth Lloyd

Describe your background and history-what should delegates know?

My name is Kenneth Lloyd, and I am running to be the next Outreach Vice Chair for the Michigan Republican Party. This is my story.

I was born in 1990 with the condition known as cerebral palsy. It affects the central nervous system and makes it very difficult to control the movement of my muscles, which is why I use a wheelchair. Thankfully, I am in stable condition and the disability has not impacted my cognitive skills. I have never let my physical limitations stop me from working to achieve my goals in life.

In 2009, I graduated from Osborn High School as the Valedictorian of my class. In the fall of that same year, I began my undergraduate collegiate education at Wayne State University. In the spring of 2013, I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in political science from Wayne State University. In the fall of 2015, I began working on my Master’s degree in political science at Wayne State University. Politics is a great passion of mine.

Why are you running for Vice Chair?

 While earning my Master’s of Arts degree in political science at Wayne State University, I have been reaching out to students who have found some of our left-wing professors’ reasoning to be unsatisfactory. After class ends, I usually pull students aside and explain to them the ways in which the principles of the Republican Party are more logically sound than the propaganda that we hear from our professor during our class’ lecture. During a Constitutional law course last semester, one of my classmates expressed his irritation with our professor who was making excuses about why ObamaCare has failed the American people. I approached the student, who was visibility shaken, after class about the incident. The student told me that he was is a libertarian, and that he was going to vote for Gary Johnson for president of the United States. After 10 minutes of talking to him about the issues, I was able to convince him that Donald Trump was a more logical choice as a Presidential candidate.

That is the type of outreach that I conduct on a daily basis to the community at large. The classmate is now a close friend of mine, and I have kept him in the fold. He lives in the 13th Congressional District, and he is now involved with the impressive operation that David Dudenhoefer is running in the Wayne County area. I am confident that we will sign him up as a precinct delegate for the next election cycle. But the most important thing when outreach is principles. Without sound principles, outreach is pointless.

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently than previous vice chairs, if anything?

 As outreach vice chair, I plan to take our conservative message into communities that usually vote Democratic. I plan to do this by emphasizing issues on which non-Republican voters agree with our party platform. For example, many of the Black Americans who are part of the Democratic Party’s constituency are socially conservative. So, in order to reach out to Black Democrats, I will go into the churches, and constantly remind them that their values are far more in line with the principles of the Republican Party than they are with those of the Democratic Party. I also want to reach out to and try to it that the Democrats who voted for Donald Trump see the benefits that are generated by the enactment of conservative principles, so that they remain Republicans both during and after the age of Trump.

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose you?

I think that I am the best candidate for several reasons. First, I have already been doing outreach work at Wayne State University. As mentioned earlier, I was able to convert a libertarian student into a Republican, and at the same time, able to convince him to support and vote for Donald Trump, instead of Gary Johnson. Second, I represent two constituencies of which we Republicans struggle to win over, namely, Black Americans and disabled people. I think that the fact that because I am Black, disabled, and a Republican, it will be easier for me to garner the attention that I will need to gain in order to attract people, which would create opportunities for me to articulate our principles and persuade people to our views.

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in some way?

I support a primary system that allows only Republicans to participate in the nominating process of Republican candidates for public office.

Did you campaign for President Trump? How is he doing so far?

In the general election, I supported and worked on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. I am very impressed with President Trump’s performance.

Grassroots Vice Chair


Mark Gurley

Why are you running for Vice Chair?
There are several reasons that I am running:
  • I have been involved in grassroots efforts for many years.  Although they have not always been with “party” involvement, the efforts were in alignment with the Republican platform.
  • God is interested in the affairs of man. He is interested in all parts of government, not just “social issues”.  Jesus called the Church, the Ekklesia, which was a word borrowed from governing in Rome where an appointed assembly was used to give guidance to the king.  Therefore, I am called to impact government.
  • My involvement with The Oak Initiative as a founding member in 2009 as led me to network with people of faith from around the state with the goal of getting them to engage culture.  There is no part of our culture that is not invaded by government these days, so we have been working on activating people to fight for moral, ethical and fiscal legislation.  We probably have recruited around 100 precinct delegates in the process.
  • In my opinion, it seems that lawmakers and party leaders will often act contrary to our Constitution or platform for political expediency.  I will speak up to remind Republicans that they are better than that and encourage them to follow our Constitution and GOP Platform.
  • Grassroots as defined by are “the common or ordinary people, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite of a political party, social organization, etc., the rank and file”.  I am the ONLY candidate for the Grassroots VC position that fits this definition.  I am a private citizen who does not receive a paycheck for being employed in the political realm.  I am funding my own campaign.  If you desire to help, in lieu of a contribution to my campaign, please donate a tax deductible gift to a ministry I helped to found, The Michigan Capitol House of Prayer at
  • The Republican Platform is an amazing document.  It encourages Constitutional directives.  It is worth defending, and I am fearless when it comes to defending life, liberty and the right to own private property.  As a Grassroots Vice Chair, you can count on me to speak up, even if I am the only one in the room willing to do so.
  • It seems that the term “grow the party” is a mantra within the GOP.  They borrow words like “inclusive” from the Left and hope for a big party.  Personally, quality is more important than quantity.  I will recruit principled people who will adhere to the platform as precinct delegates.  We will be a stronger party if we are principled than if we are large.  If we adhere to principles, more grassroots citizens will want to get involved.  We can then be principled and large.  The order is important.

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently than previous vice chairs, if anything?
Recruit delegates who will adhere to the platform and Constitution rather than follow party leaders tell them how to vote.  I will also speak up when party leaders or lawmakers deviate from the platform or Constitution. 

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose you?
I have years of grassroots activity transforming Michigan.  Everything I have been involved in has encouraged a transformation within Michigan because just like America, we need to Make Michigan Great Again.  Remember Michigan has led the world in innovation in its past.  We changed transportation forever.  Here are some of the organizations that I have been on the board of or led that focused on positive transformation:
Transformation Michigan
MICHOP (Michigan Capitol House of Prayer
Michigan Oak Initiative
Healing Rooms of Grand Rapids

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in some way?
Yes, Republicans should vote in their primaries only and Democrats should vote in their primaries only.

Did you campaign for President Trump? How is he doing so far?
Yes, but I was a Cruz and Carson supporter first.  I like President Trump and he has turned out to be better than I originally imagined.  He is doing well so far and is out working any president in my lifetime. I expect he will be more attacked by the Left than any president since Lincoln, but he is a tough fighter and won’t give up.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for reaching out.  I appreciate your West Michigan Politics report and read it often.  You are more fair and balanced than Fox News.  Keep up the good work

Denise Pallarito

Describe your background and history-what should delegates know?

* I would like the delegates to know that I love the boots on the ground that is called Grassroots. Knocking on doors, making phone calls, letters to the editor, and updating the data base are what drives me in our party. I do all of it for the same reason most everyone does, to ensure that my 3 children have a free country to live in and grow old in.

Why are you running for Vice Chair?

*I am running because I watched 3 teenagers go out to knock doors with no training and only their lit and list. I thought to myself, we can do better, we have to make this fun to keep the volunteers coming back and education is a vital part of that.

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently than previous vice chairs, if anything?

 * Every Vice Chair makes the position theirs and I will be no different. The Grassroots will be my first priority starting with education.

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose you?

* I have been volunteering for candidates and our party since 2006. I am the boots on ground, I am the Grassroots that turned Michigan into a red state. I will be in the trenches to keep the Republican majority in Michigan.

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in some way?

* I believe that a process needs to be started in closing our party primary's, I am just not sure what that looks like. We do not want to disenfranchise voters, however we have to ensure the Dems are not picking our party's candidates.

Did you campaign for President Trump? How is he doing so far?

* In the over 2000 doors I personally knocked on, I absolutely campaigned for President Trump. He is doing a very good job.

Anything else you'd like to add?

*Thank you to everyone that has, is and will continue to participate in the Republican Party's programs. Without you we do not win.

Administrative Vice Chair

Wolkinson, w/ Kelli Saunders

David Wolkinson

Describe your background and history-what should delegates know?

I have a BA and MA in Economics and JD from the University of Michigan. I practice as an attorney but my primary profession is real estate investment and management.

Why are you running again for Vice Chair?

I’ve had the opportunity to play a small part in helping us achieve back to back victories in the state and I think that I bring a unique skill set and a ferocious energy to this position.

As Vice Chair, what will you do differently in your next term, if anything?

I will strongly support the administration rather than oppose it, as I did the last one!

Why are you the best candidate-why should delegates choose you?

I have the most experience in the position, I have the greatest energy and passion for the position and I have the greatest ability to make something out this position.

Do you support closing the primary or changing the process in some way?

Last term I supported closing the primary, had we done so, I am not sure if President Trump would have emerged so I would be careful about the law of unintended consequences

Did you campaign for President Trump? How is he doing so far?

 I campaigned for him and he is doing terrific.

Anything else you'd like to add?

President Trump brought a spine back to the Republican Party, it’s time we Michigan Republican bring our spines back and truly take back our state and out it in the direction to truly be great again!

Carlone, right, w/ Meshawn Maddock

Tami Carlone

Tami Carlone is a CPA and conservative activist. Highly involved in the Michigan Trump campaign, Tami also strongly beleives in repealing Common Core, subsequently actively lobbying Michigan legislators to repeal it.

According to an email release, Carlone said the following about her candidacy:

"Why Am I Running For This Role?
As a Principled Patriot & a diplomatic person that bleeds the Platform of the Republican Party, I am ready to use my God Given Gift of Administration in this role to Reclaim our Great Nation from the grips of Progressivism.  Truth, as found in the Bible, which our Nation’s Founding Principles were built on, is my guide.  As a Daughter of the American Revolution, a cousin of a former U.S. Border Patrol Chief, & as a Mom, I am 100% committed to Defending the Brilliance that was the Founding of our Nation.

What Special Qualifications do I have to Successfully Serve in this Role?

As a National, State & 4th term Precinct Delegate, I have served at many conventions.  I have also helped with state election voting & have served as Secretary & Teller at County level.  My goal is to have great conventions that even the newest of delegates can understand & follow, & to have transparent & fair elections.

As a Corporate CPA & Process Improvement Expert, I have helped many companies with administration, accounting, security, controls, & making systems the best they can be.

 As the former longest running Chair of AICPA Controllers Conference, I have years of experience with Chairing record breaking conferences.

At these events I was known to sell out rooms with CPAs eager to learn from me about leadership, administration, ethics, law, goals, risk, security & controls.

What are Some Other Things I Have Done to Protect Conservative Values?

National, State & Local Conservative Education Advocate
Truth in American Education National Network Member
Vice President Stop Common Core in Michigan
Co-Author of Senate Bill 826 & House Bill 5444
Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee
Former Treasurer Michigan Conservative Coaltion
Michigan Women for Trump Leader
Poll Challenger & Re-count Challenger
Northville High School Republican Club Sponsor
Northville High School Young Americans for Freedom Chapter Sponsor
Ceaseless Principled Efforts to set our Party Apart as the Superior & Clear Choice

Education, Faith and Family

University of Michigan – Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting major
My Christian faith is the center of who I am, & I am a teaching leader at NorthRidge Church
Husband Greg is a Ford Engineer and a Republican
Our two children are Republicans & are studying at the University of Michigan

Please check out my Facebook page for more information or to contact me directly!

I am a:Servant Leader
Hard-working and Principled Grassroots Activist
Issue Focused Diplomat
Christian Constitutional Conservative"

Hildenbrand w/ George W Bush

Gerry Hildenbrand

Gerry Hildenbrand is a member of the National Guard, as well as the Allegan GOP Executive Committee, among other roles.

Hildenbrand says in an email:

"Our historic victory for Donald Trump in 2016 means Michigan will remain a competitive state in national elections for years to come. As a party, it is our responsibility to continue to build of this success. We have an opportunity to pick up a US Senate seat in 2018, maintain the Governor's office and statewide positions, along with our legislative majorities.

To maintain our momentum, we need full engagement from our grassroots. From our Precinct Delegates through the MIGOP Chairman, we all have an opportunity to be a party of the revitalization of our country and state. I aim to be a part of the solution and work as Administrative Vice Chairman to maintain the high quality of conferences and conventions held by our party and add more Republicans to our ranks.

My military service has instilled in me the belief in service over self. Our conservative principles are bigger than us as individuals and I will continue to work to advance them as a Vice Chairman of the Party.

As MIGOP Administrative Chairman, I pledge to be responsive and available to all those who want to participate in the process. I will do my best to serve as a liaison between the grassroots and the MIGOP Staff who manage our conferences and conventions. I believe my professional and political background can serve the party well and help build a brighter future for our great state and nation."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Is there any particular reason why Ron Weiser's involvement in the Detroit bailout was never mentioned?

    I'm certain that Conservatives would love to hear him attempt to explain why Michigan Taxpayers should have to pay for his own personal hobbies!

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