Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Maddock May Sue Oakland County Republican Party Over Mungioli Dispute

By Brandon Hall
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Oakland County conservative leader Matt Maddock tells WMP he may sue the Oakland County Republican Party after an ongoing dispute with Oakland GOP Chair Theresa Mungioli.

Maddock contends Mungioli and her allies have stacked the deck of the Oakland GOP's Executive Committee, appointing members in violation of state law...

"The lawsuit is concerning the Oakland GOP Executive Committee members and the Oakland bylaws, they do not follow state law," Maddock tells WMP.

"Every two years, each county has a county-only convention to elect executive committee members. State party has no direct jurisdiction over this process because there are no delegates elected to go to state party, it's county business only," Maddock said.

"County executive committees are compiled by adding an equal amount of precinct delegates to the number of Republican elected officials and nominees for COUNTY and STATE offices-Countywide officials, County Commissioners and State Representatives as well as State Senators, nobody else," Maddock continued.

"The Oakland GOP, in violation of state law, added in congressional nominees and statewide office holders like Secretary of State, university boards... This means we have between 8-16 illegal members on our executive committee that must be removed. It's a mess. (Oakland County GOP Chair Theresa) Mungioli told us to sue. They refuse to negotiate outside of court," Maddock said.

The potential lawsuit is just another chapter in a heated battle that has been going on in Oakland for the last 2 years between Maddock and Mungioli and their allies...
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. So, in the MIGOP and OCRP, only lawbreakers can be "winners." No wonder so many conservatives refuse to be considered Republicans. Good luck in 2018 without us!

  2. The behavior of the establishment in this county has a long standing reputation of trying to strong arm their county conventions and thwart the will of the people who elect their delegates by changing the rules to favor their side, not allowing secret ballots and insisting on a slate ballot so only certain croney delegates are allowed to run in addition to shouting matches and name calling. This is the latest un-civilized and manipulative maneuver of a long history of the same in this county and it's unjust. Refusing to vote, then stomping out like the desperate Democrats who refused to be present to vote yay or nay to Trump's cabinet appointees. GOOD GRIEF-just do your JOB and vote your conscience and be done with it. This is a democratic republic, not a corrupt third world government! The best way to have success and be more persuasive is not by shouting down other delegates and cheating, but my speaking to the NEIGHBORS you REPRESENT and if you are in agreement with them, vote in their behalf. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. That's how it works and is the best system though imperfect. Your behavior is no better than the corrupt Dems; do you really want to have THAT reputation? As a fellow republican, and delegate from another district, I am embarrassed by this in front of my Dem friends I had hoped would see we republicans are still sane and civil.

  3. Well first off Chuaney69 Matt is not a "loser". He unlike you is willing to stand up for what he believes is proper.

    Now the unfortunately in this instance, his political aspirations led him to move poor judgements following the sitting of the newly elected Oakland County GOP Executive Committee in 2016.

    Now in response to what is a political setback, Matt apparently has fallen under the spell of legal counsel who appears to accept funds for a litigative adventure that may profit the office, but fail fast in the judicial process.

    Political parties are free associations of Americans who stand to peaceably assemble to Petition government, in this instance at the electoral poll.

    The MIGOP Party Rules, and the local committee rules control the processes for sitting an Executive Committee. State law has no authority to regulate a Political Party, for said organization sits as a free association.

    The Oakland County GOP is a Free Association. Free Associations do not fall within the regulatory reach of Statutory authority as currently codified in Public Act 116 of 1954. Sadly the Progressive dominated Legislature never bothered to repeal the specific sections of Public Act 116 of 1954 that were declared unconstitutional by the 6th Circuit on March 29, 1990.

    "The instant case involves similar provisions of the Election Law--controlling selection of delegates at state and county conventions and the makeup of county executive committees of the political parties--which conflict with State Party rules. We hold that these portions of the Election Law significantly burden the right to freedom of association of the State Party and its members." HEITMANIS v AUSTIN, 899 F2d 521 (March 29 1990)

    The result, is Matt may fall to the whimsical foolishness of questionable counsel, who may readily accept his funds to move a litigation that will fail.

  4. MIGOP = terrorist organization

    1. Anonymous = foolishness wrapped within the heavy hands of of ignorance.

  5. I know a lot of 8th District Conservative delegates who are saying, " here we go again" after the latest Convention with the latest RINO strong holding influenced by Mike Bishop to push the established Norm Shrinkle over the Conservative Tom McMillan.

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  7. Matt is an emasculated male who never recovered from losing the chairperson election three years to a woman.
    First he tried to sue, then he sent his wife at the county convention to disparage Theresa Mungioli and she was immediately booed off the stage. The mark of a true coward, sending your wife to do you dirty work.
    At the county convention many of his appointments for the state convention were overturned because he didn't follow parliamentary procedure. In true cowardly bravado, he blamed Theresa. Who would ever vote for this guy for street sweeper? My apologies to the street sweepers everywhere.
    When Theresa was up for reelection as County Chairman, his had picked challenger, he couldn't afford to lose to her twice, withdrew and asked everyone to support Theresa, everyone gasped. We all waited for his head to explode.
    Now he has his minions suing the OCRP officers again. This time he is using others since he cannot have his name associated with it as he will be running for state office.
    Only a coward would refuse to put his name on something.
    If he can't follow parliamentary procedure and cannot accept defeat by a woman, why vote for him?
    The issue here is, either we are all in the same party or we're not. Divide the OCRP and the GOP will NEVER win another statewide election.
    This is just Matt putting himself first, party be damned.


  8. The lawsuit by Maddock's minions was thrown out with prejudice. Maddock never overcame losing the chairmanship election to Mungioli. He is an emasculated male running around without any manhood. Rather than support OCRP and the GOP primary winners, he acts like a spoiled brat and throws a tantrum. Who would ever cast a vote for this guy?
    He is still a coward!