Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Buzz Brewing Over Colbeck For Governor Campaign

Colbeck, left, talks with Kyle Melinn of MIRS

By Brandon Hall
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Rumors State Senator Pat Colbeck will seek the Republican Gubernatorial nomination continue to heat up.

Colbeck, a grassroots favorite and one of the Senate's most conservative legislators, hasn't made anything official, but he has confirmed he's interested, receiving significant encouragement to run.

Colbeck received a standing ovation at the recent BattleCry event in January, with much of the room chanting "run Pat, run!" Other support for Colbeck has been seen on social media, letters to the editor, and heard on conservative radio shows.

A recent survey of over 500 state convention delegates showed Colbeck polling around 8%, just behind Candice Miller.. Former RNC Committeeman Dave Agema was 3rd with around 9%, while Lt. Gov. Calley had approximately 12%, and Attorney General Bill Schuette led the field, supported by over 25% of delegates.

While Colbeck would likely face an uphill battle, he will definitely be a player if he wants to be...

According to reports:

"State Sen. Patrick Colbeck confirmed Tuesday he is "definitely considering" a campaign for the Michigan governor's seat in 2018, citing concerns about higher taxes, shoddy road repairs and spiraling health care costs.

Colbeck, R-Canton, said friends and political supporters, both through personal contact and social media, have pressed him to launch a gubernatorial campaign. He and wife Angie have begun the discussion.

"We are definitely being encouraged to do that," he said, saying his name has been mentioned on platforms such as Facebook and talk radio. "I'm seeing it all over the place."

Colbeck, in his second four-year term, cannot seek re-election to his 7th District Senate seat due to term limits. A staunch conservative, he won his Senate seat amid strong support from the Tea Party and other voters...

Colbeck said he believes voters want a gubernatorial candidate who will place the concerns of "the general public over special interests." He said he opposed the latest road-repair fuel tax and said Michigan needs to make road construction companies more accountable for their work.
"I'm tired of the tax-first mentality," he said.

Colbeck also said he opposed a Medicaid expansion and had pushed for better alternatives.

"Health care is major for me," he said, adding later, "Health care is big, because it touches so many areas."

Under Gov. Rick Snyder, Colbeck said Michigan has turned a corner economically, but he said the next step needs to focus on making sure citizens at large are benefiting from it."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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