Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Watch As Ted Fricano DESTROYS Muskegon City Government In Must See Video

By Brandon Hall
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Ted Fricano, owner of the historic pizza chain's Muskegon location, absolutely SCHOOLED Muskegon's government at a recent City Commission meeting.

In a video shared over 2,000 times and viewed by nearly 100,000 people in just 3 days, Fricano passionately lays out some of the issues plaguing Muskegon while also expressing optimism for the area's future-as long as city leaders take responsibility for their failures, take advantage of existing resources, and quit looking for new "big announcements" to save them...

Hundreds offered praise offered to Fricano on his restaurant's Facebook page.

"1. Ted is the best boss I've ever had. 2. He should have yanked that mic out and dropped it at the end," Steve Lorenz wrote.

Jannette Bole writes "Very interesting why all property owners are not held responsible. Thank you Ted Fricano for believing in Muskegon and making your place a gem on Muskegon Lake. Hopefully our city leaders will listen and act."

"Thank you. You so eloquently put into words what so many of us think. Muskegon has become a place we can no longer be proud of. And yet nothing happens to improve our home town," another wrote.

>>>Watch Fricano Below:

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Sad commentary on local government. Unfortunately, too many locals get elected and are only in the pay check. The solution to those problems is to issue a blight ordinance violation. Oh wait do they have one? How many board members know the ordinances? Like I said money is the reason. Time to get a new board. To Ted Fricano, I suggest you stop calling people that are not doing their job and upholding their oath, nice people. They are not nice when they openly neglect their oath of office.

    1. Purely from a professional stand point, you don't bad mouth someone to their face if you're asking for action. You don't lie about it either, he told them straight up what the issue is and reassured them that they have the power to get it done right. Would you want to help someone with a project who was bad mouthing your skills or your motivation?

  2. Muskegon c'mon get it together,,the last mayor only worried about whose marriage he was going to break up next. If they didn't care about scum like that why would they care about anything else?

  3. It is the sad truth, the areas that Ted mentioned and shown are a eyesore, if Muskegon wants to be a "tourist" town they need to do some street cleaning, not too long ago they went in and tore down the montgomery house full of antiques and cats because the mayor did not like Mr. Seradski but yet they allow other businesses that are in worse shape to remain standing, and yes they do send out letters to cut your grass if it gets 8 inches long but city areas can get a foot tall, maybe they are too busy cutting other peoples lawns for $50 to $100 a pop. I too love Muskegon but the good boys club needs to enforce the rules on EVERY property in Muskegon, not pick and choose. Impose the fines that fall under the ordinances and the city will have the money to operate like it needs to, and go in and tear down the blight and charge the property owners.