Friday, June 17, 2016

Charges Against Gamrat Dropped As Schuette Continues Case Against Courser

By Brandon Hall
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All charges against ex-lawmaker Cindy Gamrat were dropped earlier this week as Attorney General Schuette says he will not appeal the decision, instead focusing on the two remaining charges against former State Rep. Todd Courser.

Gamrat celebrated the ruling on Facebook:

According to the Detroit Free Press:

"A judge dismissed misconduct charges Tuesday against two former Michigan lawmakers for their role in a bizarre, false email that was sent as a ruse to hide their extramarital affair, but let other charges proceed against one of them.

Lansing District Judge Hugh Clarke Jr. ruled that there was not enough evidence for Cindy Gamrat to face felony misconduct in office charges. But he said the case against Todd Courser can continue to trial on two of four counts — a perjury charge that carries a maximum 15 years in prison and a misconduct in office charge with a maximum five-year penalty.

Gamrat, who turns 43 on Wednesday, became only the fourth legislator in state history to be expelled. Courser, 43, resigned in September rather than be kicked out.

"I do have a lot of mixed emotions. It's been a really hard journey," a tearful Gamrat told reporters.

Courser expressed confidence that he would prevail at trial, calling the remaining allegations — that he ordered staff to forge his signature on draft legislation and then lied about it to a legislative disciplinary committee that was investigating the email cover-up — the "weakest" brought by state Attorney General Bill Schuette.

"I certainly maintain my innocence," Courser said."
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