Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ENOUGH: No More Money From Lansing To "Sanctuary Cities" Detroit And Ann Arbor

By Brandon Hall
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It's a pretty straight forward belief: Lansing should immediately defund "sanctuary cities" that provide safe haven to illegals-no more state funds to Ann Arbor and Detroit until this issue is handled!

Why do we bust kids there for pot and drinking and such while illegals are free with impunity? That's just nuts to me...

I don't fault people for trying to come to America, I would try to do everything I could to get here, too! But we need to get some things under control, it's a matter of national security and long overdue.

When it comes to discussion about Donald Trump's proposal for a wall, as well as immigration policy in general, I am reminded of a quote I liked that said "we lock our doors at night not because we hate those on the outside, but because we love the people on the inside." Our immigration policy should follow suit, it's not too costly or racist, it's a necessity in today's world.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Did I miss the headlines (entirely possible, though I don't think so)? Have Detroit and Ann Arbor declared themselves sanctuary cities? Are they in process?

  2. Mr. Miller, Detroit, Ann Arbor (and to politely correct Mr. Hall; Lansing) are all sanctuary cities, and sadly have been for well over a decade now.

    While, I'm cautiously optimistic that President Trump will address this issue next year, there is a bill in the hopper to address this issue right now over in Lansing (sadly, languishing in the Senate Judiciary Committee).

    One problem with this issue is that, unfortunately, it has bipartisan support against legal Americans Citizens.

    Even though it adversely affects American workers (including those in unions), democrats support illegal immigration due to the votes they hope it will bring them. Establishment republicans support them due to the cheap labor used to compete against the American Worker(or more accurately, the big donors who mostly call the shots in the republican party).