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KimPOSSIBLE? Romney-McDaniel Gets Her First Challenger As Kim Shmina Declares Bid For MIGOP Chair

Kim Shmina, center, with her husband, right, and Attorney General Schuette, left, at a fall campaign event.
 By Brandon Hall

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Ronna Romney-McDaniel faces a challenger in her bid for Michigan Republican Party Chair after St. Clair Nurse and Wayne State University instructor Kim Shmina announced her candidacy.

Shmina has been involved in local, state, and party politics for years, and was also part of the effort that saw her county flip significantly from Obama to Romney in 2012.

She wants to engage and utilize the grassroots, build on Bobby Schostak's success, and unite the party heading into the 2016 elections.

In a statement, Shmina said:

"Kimberly Shmina has been fighting to elect conservatives to office for years.
Serving first as an elevated Precinct Delegate, St. Clair County Republican Party committee member, then 10th District Committee member, Kim is now Vice Chair of the 10th District Republican Executive Committee.

Since 2011, Kim has been the chairman of the 10th District Issues Committee, also serving on the Finance Committee. Retention and recruitment at the county and district level has always been a priority.
Kim has ran for local office to make a difference in her community.

Born in Detroit but raised in Cheboygan County, Kim, who is always eager to serve others, became a nurse after attending North Central Michigan College, then obtaining a bachelors degree from University of Michigan.

Ultimately, Kim earned her Nurse Practitioner certification and Masters at Michigan State University and finally a Doctorate in nursing from Wayne State University where she has taught for the last 9 years.
Kim has been fighting the conservative fight at arguably the most liberal university in this state, and she has been winning that fight! Kim is 100% Right To Life, 100% pro-second amendment, and has been a leader in the fight against common core in her school district.

Kim and her husband Michael have 4 children, and reside in St. Clair County.
As your next Michigan Republican Party Chair, Kim Shmina will build the party from the bottom up -- not the top down.

She will recruit and empower a strong Finance Chair and Finance Committee to build on the fundraising success of outgoing Chair Bobby Schostak. Kim will seek to retain and build upon the excellent state party staff that delivered results in 2014 but will never stand pat when there is an opportunity to improve.

If elected, Kim will work the job of party chair fulltime, all the time. Kim will visit every congressional district in the state, working hard at the grassroots level to encourage, assist, grow and involve all republicans.

Kim will bring the Tea Party into the fold of our Republican Party to win elections and help the party stay true to our principles. And Kim will actively engage the grassroots because she is truly from the grassroots.
You can call Kim any time at home at 586-725-6318, or e-mail her at Please visit for more information and to join her team!"

When asked what type of candidates she had been proud to support in the 2014 cycle, what kind of candidates exemplified her vision, Shmina mentioned candidates like Lee Chatfield and Wendy Day.

Shmina calls claims Romney-McDaniel has the race locked up ridiculous.

"Within the hour of her annoncement, I heard that Ronna had it locked up," Shmina said. "I find that interesting given 90% of the people I have spoken to say 'Oh Bobby's not running? Who is?!'"

Shmina-as well as Romney-must now get the signatures of 7 Congressional District Chairs in order to have her name put up for nomination.

Shmina can be reached at KimShmina@Comcast.Net, or CLICK HERE to go to her Facebook page.

Romney, for her part, has recently scored the backing of State Sen. Patrick Colbeck, Christian Coalition of Michigan head Keith Den Hollander, and tea party leader and radio show host Trucker Randy.

The convention takes place in Lansing in February.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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