Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Breaking: State Rep. Joe Haveman And Sen. Meekhof Funded Attack Against Geoff Haveman In 90th District Primary

West Michigan Politics has discovered that State Rep. Joe Haveman, via his Haveman House Fund, helped fund the controversial attack mailer in the 90th State House primary against Geoff Haveman. Arlan Meekhof also contributed.

It was sent by the "616 PAC," which is nothing more than a front for Lansing insiders like Rep. Haveman.

According to campaign finance records, the 616 PAC donated $1500 to Haveman House Fund on August 4, for who knows what reason.

Yet, on August 7, Haveman House Fund donated the $1500 to 616 PAC...(Seems to be some sort of money game going on there.)

In addition to Joe Haveman's help, Arlan Meekhof's Moving Michigan Forward Fund, which also paid for Meekhof's "orange flyer" at the Ottawa County Convention, also helped fund the mailer against Haveman, donating $4,000.

616 PAC paid two vendors for the mailer shortly after receiving money from Haveman and Meekhof.

At the time, the Holland Sentinel said:
"Politics in the 90th District have gotten decidedly grimier than usual in the days leading up to Tuesday’s Republican primary.
From a mysterious robo-call to a mailer calling out Geoff Haveman’s “campaign coordinator” for criminal charges, outside groups have been making their mark on the state House race."

Regarding Daniela Garcia, Joe Haveman's handpicked successor, "Garcia said she has not seen the mailer, but several outside groups have taken interest in the race for the 90th.
“It’s unfortunate,” she said, “in the last 24 hours we’ve had such negative tactics being used.”
WMP previously wrote:

 With Daniela Garcia neck-and-neck with Zeeland lawyer Geoff Haveman in absentee polling for the 90th District State House Republican nomination-a fact proven true by absentee results-Team Garcia got desperate.

After all, along with their friends at the Chamber and other places, Team Garcia spent nearly $200,000 waging war on Haveman with desperate attacks for weeks-but it wasn't working.

Garcia's campaign-headed by Zeeland political consultant Kurt VanKoevering and Huizenga Staffer Greg VanWoerkom-knew they needed a game changer.

And quick.

State Rep. Joe Haveman, Rep. Bill Huizenga, Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, and State Senator Arlan Meekhof were also key members of Team Garcia, and they had invested too much political capital to come up short. The Huizenga Empire couldn't afford to lose on their own turf and have a pro liberty State Rep. start causing trouble-that's how empires begin to fall.

Subsequently, in a series of events that would make Lee Atwater proud, they rigged up a fake robocall saying that Democrats in the district should cross over and vote for Garcia because she was the most liberal candidate and would support ObamaCare. They then immediately sent out a robocall from State Rep. Joe Haveman that blamed the controversial robocall on Geoff Haveman.

Joe Haveman told the Detroit News he had nothing to do with the first robocall. (Yeah, ok...)

All of this took place on what had been a quiet Sunday before the election in the church-heavy 90th... You don't do door-to-door in Ottawa County on a Sunday and you damn well don't do a robocall at dinner time.

Then, the next day, (the day before the election) through the shady "616 PAC," Team Garcia sent out a disgraceful mailer accusing Haveman of trying to steal the election.

Garcia ended up winning, powered by election day voters who had been subject to the false-flag robocall and subsequent mailer-all covered on the front page of the Holland Sentinel.

>>>Now we just need answers on that robocall...

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson

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