Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who Will Replace Tountas as Ottawa GOP Chair? From Attema to VanEssen, 7 Possibilities:

  With Adam Tountas making it official that he will not seek 


another term as Ottawa GOP Chair, our inbox quickly started to fill up with a few possible candidates to replace him.                   

(None are officially running nor have they confirmed any interest.)

  Here are the SEVEN most notable:

Joe Haveman is rumored to be eying Arlan Meekhof's State Senate seat in 2018, and a term as Ottawa GOP Chair could be a good interim gig...

Dustin Attema was rumored to be considering a run at the State House, but he did not jump in the race. Perhaps he will run for this position? Young and immensely talented, Attema could do quite well in whatever race he pursues... 

Jim Holtrop dropped out of the State House race in the 90th and has not filed to run again for County Commissioner. This position might catch his eye... January will be the first time in 32 years Holtrop will not serve as an elected municipal official...

Jim Chiodo is the Chairman of the Ottawa County Patriots, is running for Precinct Delegate, and recently ran for MI GOP Outreach Chair...

Mike Hewitt, former Tountas foe and State House candidate, now a radio show host and business owner, could make things interesting if he decided to contest the race...

Jeff Fuss has challenged Tountas before...

Amanda VanEssen lost to Roger Victory by only 88 votes in an epic battle for State House in 2012... Chairman VanEssen could keep busy until the 2018 State Senate race or position herself for a run at another office such as Attorney General or Ottawa County Prosecutor...


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