Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Did Arlan Meekhof Lie To Dave Agema?

Did Arlan Meekhof Lie To Dave Agema?

When asked about the issue Wednesday night, Agema said that in 2010, he was approached by a group of conservative leaders who wanted him to run for State Senate.

They had done some polling, and Agema would do quite well in the race if he decided to jump in...

Agema did not want to run, and decided to talk to Meekhof, a State Rep. and only major candidate in the race at the time, to make sure Agema's pet issue, e-verify, would be taken care of by Meekhof if Meekhof won.

Meekhof agreed, Agema said.

Subsequently, when Meekhof defeated Brett VanderKamp in a brutal primary battle, Meekhof claimed he forgot ever making the promise to Agema and would take no action regarding e-verify...

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