Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mystery Solved: Garcia Chose Hudsonville Political Meeting Over OCP Debate

Mystery Solved: Garcia Chose Hudsonville Political Meeting Over OCP Debate

Despite 9 weeks of advance notice, Daniela Garcia, Government Affairs Director for Spectrum Health and candidate for State House in the 90th District, attended the Hudsonville City Council meeting Tuesday night instead of talking to voters at the Ottawa County Patriots candidate forum in Zeeland.

From Mlive:

"Garcia, a one-time aide to former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra who now works in

public policy
at Spectrum Health, told MLive and The Grand Rapids Press in an email earlier Tuesday that she would not attend the forum because of “a prior commitment.”

A representative of Garcia’s campaign said she was attending a Hudsonville City Commission meeting. “She made a commitment to three forums – the Hudsonville Chamber (of Commerce), the (Michigan) West Coast Chamber and the Holland League of Women Voters (forums),” campaign co-chairman Kurt Van Koevering said."

As fellow candiate Bob Harmsen noted Tuesday night, these forums are so rare, voters have way too few options to meet the candidates. Choosing a City Council meeting over a debate is a poor choice on many levels.

Ms. Garcia clearly made a calculated move not to attend the Ottawa County Patriots forum. Let's just all "be real" about that. She could have attended a Hudsonville City Council meeting in March, April, May, or June. If she thinks OCP is an unfair forum, come out and say so.

Ms. Garcia, along with State Rep. Amanda Price, continue to ignore inquiries from WMP. We will keep the pressure on in our quest to hold our leaders accountable and get your questions answered. 

The 90th State House race is one of MIRS Top 10 primaries and is the biggest election in Ottawa County this year. Stay tuned for continued coverage, and check out tonight's forum in Holland:

Hat tip to Greg Chandler at Mlive. Encyclopedia Brown would be proud! :)

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