Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dan Horning Fights For Michigan Families In His Battle For U of M Regent

Dan Horning Fights For Michigan Families In His Battle For U of M Regent

Currently, not a single member of the University of Michigan's Board of Regents is from outside of the Wayne/Washtenaw County area.

Dan Horning wants to change that.

 For Horning, the fight is personal.

"I love this University," Horning said, speaking about the University of Michigan. "I have served as a regent before. I bleed maize and blue-I know I can make a difference."

Horning believes the University needs to start looking at more qualified in-state students and accept less out-of-state and foreign students.

"Great Michigan kids are leaving the state because they can't get into U of M," Horning said. "How many future business owners, doctors, teachers, and community leaders are leaving the state despite the fact they are more than qualified to go to the University of Michigan?

The University has lost its rudder by displacing qualified in-state students for out of state students and students from overseas. This must stop."

Horning believes his past experience as a regent gives him the ability to hit the ground running.

 "Our kids deserve better," Horning said. "I'll fight for Michigan kids and I have the experience and persistence to do it effectively."

Horning notes all the current Regents are from other parts of the state.

"Not a single regent is from outside of the Wayne/Washtenaw County region," Horning said. "Regardless of your politics-mine happen to be conservative- the rest of Michigan deserves a voice. I'm the only chance for that voice to be heard."

Horning served as a regent before, but left when his term was up partly to protest the University's Affirmative Action policies.

"Race has no place in college admissions," Horning said.

Horning is one of four candidates for the Republican nomination for University of Michigan Regent. Delegates to the State GOP Convention in Novi August 23rd will determine who the two nominees are.

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