Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kreuger for State Senate? (Don't Bet On It)

As many members of Ottawa County's political elite mingled, BS'd and schmoozed at the swearing in ceremony for the new County Clerk/Register of Deeds Justin Roebuck, Dan Kreuger made a quick exit.

 He has seen this movie before in his 36 years as Ottawa County Clerk. 

"I'm getting out of here," Kreuger told Roebuck as he leaned in closer. "This is your day, not mine. I'm very proud of you."

A piece of cake or some punch?

Kreuger "ain't got time for that." After talking with Roebuck, Dan and his wife Mary headed home, Kreuger leaving the County building as just a "regular citizen" for the first time in over 35 years.
Roebuck and Kreuger chat before Kreuger's exit

WMP asked if he would run for something else, perhaps State House in 2016 or State Senate in 2018.

"Nope," Kreuger said with a smile as he walked toward his car. "I'm done, it's time for others to serve. I mean, never say never, but nope, I'm done."

No longer beholden to people like County Administrator Al Vandenberg, who Kreuger frequently clashed with, one can see the joy in Kreuger's eyes as he enters the next phase in his life.

When WMP offered him a lunch to discuss his tenure as County Clerk, (I owe Dan lunch randomly for something haha) Kreuger replied with a smile "You know where to find me."

Kreuger served Ottawa County well over his decades in office. Focusing on constituents and office innovations, Kreuger made Ottawa County proud. I think some local officeholders and certain candidates could learn a lot from him, especially in the realm of accessibility-his door was always open. 

Everything we know about Mr. Roebuck tells us the Circuit Court judges couldn't have picked a better replacement.

Quote of the event: Chief Circuit Court Judge Ed Post, always full of humor, jokingly told Roebuck's Dad "See, you bet me he wouldn't amount to anything! You owe me five bucks!"

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