Saturday, July 12, 2014

Storey: Stop And Recognize County Clerk Krueger's Record of Service

 Storey: Stop And Recognize County Clerk Krueger's Record of Service

Before the primary election season heats up, it’s important to pause and recognize the 35 ½ years local elections have been in the safe, steady hands of retiring Ottawa County Clerk Dan Krueger. 
Two years ago the county added the Register of Deeds title and responsibility. Ensuring election integrity the four times each year Michigan conducts elections is the most important task entrusted to county clerks. Through all those years, Ottawa County voters could take for granted that their county clerk would do everything possible to conduct fair elections and ensure all votes counted equally. 

During his watch, Dan Krueger introduced innovations, many of which saved tax money. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then he was highly flattered as many of his initiatives were adopted throughout Michigan. Citizen Service is another hallmark of Mr. Krueger’s time in office. In many counties, there is one place and one place only to conduct business with the clerk’s office: the county seat. During his service, he operated four regional offices to make it easier in our time-stressed age for residents to conduct business: Holland area, the West Olive county complex, Grand Haven and Hudsonville.

 In addition, Dan Krueger freely made himself available after-hours to citizen groups hoping to understand the sometimes challenging Michigan processes to which he was entrusted. Through it all, he had an unwavering commitment to carrying out the legal requirements of the various documentary tasks assigned by law.

Regardless of his personal views, Dan Krueger met those requirements with resolve and good humor. This contrasts with a recent, disturbing trend of some officials not enforcing laws with which they disagree. Consistent, unquestioned election integrity, improved citizen service, and unwavering commitment to the rule of law over three and half decades are achievements due to Mr. Krueger’s care for public service. It is indeed a record for which all citizens should be grateful, even if we may have taken it for granted. It is a record that has excellence written in many corners.

Jim Storey is a political consultant and County Commissioner living in Holland, MI.

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