Friday, April 13, 2018

Schuette Rips Governor Snyder For Ending Flint Bottled Water Distribution

By Brandon Hall
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Citing progress made with lead testing levels in Flint, Governor Snyder has announced bottled water distribution will end after current offices deplete supplies.

A new study shows lead levels in Flint kids have reached historic lows, yet Attorney General Bill Schuette disagrees with the decision.

Schuette, who originally said no investigation by his office was needed in Flint, says bottled water distribution should continue until all tainted lead pipes are replaced, a process that could take many years.

Schuette did not offer a plan to pay for the program.

According to Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press:

"The state should keep paying for bottled water for Flint residents until all lead water lines in the city have been replaced, Attorney General Bill Schuette said Monday.
Schuette's comments are a rebuke to Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who has clashed on many issues with the GOP attorney general who wants to succeed him.
Snyder announced on Friday that the free distribution of bottled water is ending once existing supplies run out, which is expected to be this week.
"It seems to me that bottled water distribution in Flint should continue until lead pipes have been replaced and trust in government has been restored," Schuette said through his state spokeswoman, Andrea Bitely...
Bitely said she wouldn't speculate on whether Schuette might initiate or support legal action to require continued free distribution of bottled water by the state."
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  1. Can't this guy make up his mind?

    Is he a "touch, no-nonsense" prosecutor?

    Or, just some party anointed hack who doesn't want to upset the apple cart by leading the party's standard bearer away from his office in cuffs on live TV?