Thursday, April 26, 2018

Feud Over Muslim Brotherhood Presents Opportunity For Colbeck As El Sayed Accuses Him Of Promoting White Supremacy

Abdul El Sayed, left, Patrick Colbeck, right

By Brandon Hall
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State Senator Patrick Colbeck has found himself in the middle of a heated controversy involving Democrat candidate Abdul El Sayed's alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

El Sayed, who is raising significant out of state money in his campaign to be America's first Muslim Governor, fired back, calling Colbeck a promoter of white supremacy. (Which is absolutely absurd.)

Michigan media outlets have started to pick up on the controversy, even causing Fox News host Sean Hannity to rescind his endorsement of Colbeck because of the issue.

For Colbeck, this is an opportunity. 

He is getting earned media coverage on an issue the Republican base is friendly to, and Colbeck needs to drastically improve his name ID.

Challenge El Sayed to a debate? Hold a press conference or issue a press release fully explaining your position and why you are correct? Colbeck can keep this story going if he'd like, and why not? 

It's also a win for El Sayed with his progressive base, and he can use the help too. He has already used Colbeck's comments to raise money online.

It's only late April, but the clock is running out. Absentee ballots will be going out before you know it... As Schuette and Calley battle while Shri and Whitmer duke it out, El Sayed and Colbeck need to start breaking through, here's a chance.

According to Bridge:

"In the videos, Colbeck told a group in April that only he can defeat El-Sayed.

Using slides, Colbeck calmly expressed fears that Muslims, through powerful lobbyists and ascendant politicians, were trying to bring “sharia law” to Michigan, “push Islam into our churches” and “exercise influence” over the entire state by reaching the state’s top political post.

“There are a lot of pressures that are being applied in our society right now. You’re seeing Muslim legislators in the state legislature and you’re seeing also a push … at the local level,” Colbeck said as he showed a slide with El-Sayed’s photo.

“But we also have somebody that I will likely be running against in the general election, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, whose parents apparently have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood back in Egypt. This is scary stuff...

El-Sayed issued a statement saying he is an “unapologetic, proud Muslim and American” and called Colbeck’s comments the “ugly face of white supremacy.

Stay tuned!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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