Monday, April 23, 2018

Kennedy VS. Romney: Republicans Are About To Send A Michigander To The US Senate! (In Utah)

By Brandon Hall
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Republicans are about to send a Michigander to the US Senate: they just happen to be Utah Republicans.

The Utah GOP held their nominating convention Saturday, the marquee matchup being the US Senate race Mitt Romney was trying to win.

Not only did Mitt fall for short of the 60% threshold needed to avoid a primary runoff, he came in second to Doctor Mike Kennedy!

It's interesting that Kennedy, like Romney, was born in Michigan. Kennedy was born in Yipsi, Mitt was born in Detroit.

Kennedy went to college at Brigham Young, returning to the Great Lakes State to get his medical degree from Michigan State.

Kennedy, a state legislator, is a strong constitutional conservative in the mold of Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.

""The federal government should do certain things," Kennedy told Utah media while campaigning ahead of the convention. "Those things have been enumerated in the Constitution, and most of the rest of the things should be dealt with with the people in the states. So, that's a big message. The state, I know this state, I love this state, I've lived in this state. Utahns deserve a serious conversation about our future and I'm prepared to have it."

With the news today that Debbie Stabenow has over $8 million on hand, this may be the closest Michigan gets to a Republican Senator... Best of luck to Dr. Mike Kennedy!

Find out more about him at his website HERE

Unbelievably, after President Trump graciously endorsed him in this race, Mitt Romney refused to back the President for re-election in 2020 when asked about it before the vote over the weekend.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Important message for Michigan delegates about the importance of that position. Michigan delegates/voters can not allow end runs like Mitt did here.

  2. Trump made Common Core Queens Betsy DeVos and Eileen Weiser part of his Education Department team. Seems to be endorsing the Project for a New American Century with the addition of Bolton and the bombing Syria. First "Little Ronna" and then he endorses "Mittens?" Does the Deep State have Trump by the balls? Is 666 5th Ave in New York City part of the plan? Do tell Mr. West Michigan.