Monday, April 23, 2018

Developing: Lee Chatfield Gets A Primary Challenger

Lee Chatfield

By Brandon Hall
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State Rep. Lee Chatfield is well positioned to be the next Speaker of the House in 2019, and now the Northern Michigan lawmaker, busy helping House Republicans maintain their majority as HRCC Chair, has drawn a primary challenger.

His name is Bruce Newville, and he lives just a mile away from Chatfield in Pellston. Evidently, he's a Vet who used to sell the Chatfield family pizzas.

Chatfield's war chest is well equipped to handle Newville's challenge, with over $100,000 on hand.

Newville tells MIRS one of his priorities is to cut legislative staff from 10 to 5, but almost all legislators only receive two staffers.

"Let's cut the stuff in Lansing that doesn't really need to be there. I don't know, I've never been there, but if you've got 10 people working in your office, let's cut back. Let's cut it down to five. You don't need 10 people. Let's cut back. Let's save money somewhere."

Chatfield tells MIRS he's ready.

"I like primaries," Chatfield said.

Makes sense, he won his primary challenge in 2016 by a nearly 4:1 margin, and he beat incumbent State Rep. Frank Foster in the primary in 2014 to win the seat...

Stay tuned!

Bruce Newville


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  1. Newville as a candidate is sort of funny. That said, the establishment is fighting back as they LOVE the swamp. Chatfield is excellent, except to swamp dwellers.