Thursday, March 29, 2018

Whitmer In A Shri Of Trouble: Trails Thanedar By 3 In New MRG Poll

By Brandon Hall
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Shri Thanedar leads Gretchen Whitmer by 3% in a new MRG poll, and in a sign of Shri's growing momentum, he is already under fire from opponents.

The political newcomer is handling the attacks like a pro.

“You know the politicians — you pay them to get access. You can’t talk to them. I wanted to talk to McCain about immigration issues.”
That's how Shri answered recent criticism over a donation he made to John McCain in 2008.
In the latest poll of the race, Shri leads by 3, and is destroying Whitmer in Detroit.
According to the Metro TImes:
"A new Marketing Research Group poll finds progressive candidate Shri Thanedar holding a 3-percentage point lead over Gretchen Whitmer in the Democratic primary for governor, with Thanedar polling at 21 percent and Whitmer at 18 percent.

That's a dramatic change from MRG's last poll in September, which put Whitmer ahead of Thanedar by 24 points. A February Epic-MRA poll had Whitmer leading Thanedar by 10 points. 

The latest poll also has former Detroit Health Department director Abdul El-Sayed in third at 10 percent, and Livonia businessman Bill Cobbs at 3 percent. 

Also a surprise is how grim Detroit looks for Whitmer. Despite an endorsement from Mayor Mike Duggan, she's polling at just 9 percent, is trailing Thanedar by 18 points, and is behind El-Sayed by five points.

However, though the poll is good news for Thanedar and he has the highest name recognition among Democratic candidates at 45 percent, 48 percent of Democratic voters MRG surveyed are undecided."


Gretchen Whitmer was supposed to win the primary pretty much hands down, but every day, things only look worse for the former Senate Minority Leader.
Shri will only continue to pour money into his campaign coffers, and he is very likable, look at his hit Super Bowl ad introducing himself to voters and teaching them how to pronounce his name, for example.
Whitmer is in trouble, big league.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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