Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shock Senate Poll: Bob Carr Moves To 2nd Place, Pensler Maintains Lead

Bob and Karen Carr

By Brandon Hall
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In a shocking new Mitchell Research & Communications poll, Bob Carr has surpassed John James for 2nd place in the Republican US Senate primary.

Sandy Pensler, a metro Detroit businessman who specializes in saving failing companies, continues to lead the field with 16%.

Bob Carr is 2nd with 11%. 

Carr's website describes his background as "Community Development and  Historic Preservation." Carr won a major upset Congressional primary victory in the 90's in MI-1.

Veteran and businessman John James has moved to 3rd with 8%.

Polls are only a snapshot, and it's only March, but the low number for James is mind boggling for many reasons.

Over 60% of voters are undecided.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. This doesn't surprise us Carr supporters and many who have actually "MET" all three of the Candidates on more than one occasion (the others may fool people once or twice, but their shallowness shines upon multiple meetings)....

    So, despite Penslers Millions spent, and James' attempt at a National Media push, CARR is on the Rise. His Ag background and ability to reclaim the 10% (or so) of the Rural GOP Vote that always bleeds off to Stabenow is a BIG REASON why!!!

    Those who dismiss Carr's often told "Acts of Preservations," all across the State, stories are equally shallow and missing the many important underlying points (missing the moral(s) of the stories)... Fiscal Conservatism... Budgets (not only setting solid/reasonable ones and staying within them)... Private vs Public... Local interests vs Federal dictates... etc...

    And the more recent, Ludington Cross "Preservation" attempts and Bob Carr's commitment to get behind such efforts.

    It's like the Robin Hood "story" and how the Left always either dismisses it or flat out gets it wrong. They weren't "stealing" from "the Rich" and giving to the Poor. It was the Sheriff (representing the King, representing THE STATE). The State extorting more and more keeping the Citizens downtrodden and poor, unable to climb the Ladder, always remaining (in some form) dependent upon THE STATE (just like Liberal Democrats). Bob Carr, my Friends, is Robin Hood trying to slay The Statist (Sheriff) Debbie Stabenow!

    Hope you'll join in the Fight to Retire #Michigan #USSenate (do nothing) Debbie Stabenow.

    learn more:
    ("Thanks Alot Debbie, NOT" - Replace Stabenow Group)

    1. see too (#B4IN):

  2. No surprise here. Bob Carr works hard and listens to the people. Bob tried to get all the candidates out in front of people in a debate setting, extended invitations to Young, Pensler, and James. The only candidate that felt it was important to engage the voter was Young. So while Pensler kaughed and said he didnt need to debate, and James ignored any request and instead decided he was better served catching a game with Kid Rock or sitting in DC emersing himself in the swamp, Bob Carr has been meeting with the michigan voters and listening to what their concerns are. Sure Bob has his detractors who point at the time he left the party, i would argue the party left him, but either way people grow and learn and he ooenly admits it was a mistake, one that he has been righting by personally meeting and listening to the relublican voters he is asking to support him in August. The only people this is a surprise to are the ones who dont care to know what the people they want to represent actually care about. Please support Bob by going to his website, learning more about him, and donating time or money.

    1. We ABSOLUTELY need some USSenate Candidates debates.... We have traveling MI-Gov Candidates (with the exception of Schuette who is ducking those) Debates because Calley, Colbeck, and Hines recognize they need to EARN our Vote and understand it is their DUTY (yes, pun intended, for those who will get it) to come before the Voters/Public! Why is James and Pensler afraid of Bob Carr and DUCKING DEBATES!! They clearly are afraid of appearing before the Voters, but instead hide behind carefully crafted Ads and/or "controlled" TV/Radio (with "friendly" hosts) Interviews!


    2. AND WE NEED THESE DEBATES BEFORE THE SIGNATURE GATHERING DEADLINE, so Voters understand their choices and can make a "reasoned" decision on exactly whose Petition they'd actually like to Sign!!!

    3. WAAM Radio, specifically Hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka, has offered to Host one such Debate on the Radio. And, again, Pensler and James IGNORE THEIR ATTEMPTS TO REACH OUT TO THEM! Just flat out ignore a MSM Station!?!? Is that being "Responsive to the People?!?!" (I'll answer that: NO, it's not)

    4. See Bob Carr's DEBATE CHALLENGE:

  3. Listen to Bob Carr LIVE via WAAM Radio (1600AM, Ann Arbor MI) internet Feed: Bob will be appearing on the "Moment Of Clarity" Show on Saturday April 7 at 14:05 (2:05pm). Feel free to call in 9734-822-1600) and ask him questions!


  4. #Michigan #USSenate Candidate @BobCarrUSSenate on @WAAM1600 Talk (Sat 4/7/18)(audio, 25 min):
    learn more about the Bob Carr campaign: