Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Breaking: Matt Hall Withdraws Candidacy Against Rep. Justin Amash

Matt Hall, right, with State Rep. Brandt Iden
By Brandon Hall
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Grand Rapids based Republican activist Matt Hall will not run against Rep. Justin Amash, Hall announced Tuesday.

Hall was running as a "Trump Republican," planning to highlight Amash's poor record of supporting President Trump. 

Instead, Hall had a change of heart after he realized he had more in common with Amash than the DC establishment swamp rats trying to remove him for his support of the Constitution.

"Justin Amash and I have differences on immigration policy, the border wall, sanctuary cities, trade, and our nation’s military. But I have determined that my differences with the Washington interests seeking to oust Mr. Amash are greater," Hall said. "Because I would need these interests behind me in order to win this summer, and that is not the type of campaign I want to run, I will not challenge Justin Amash for Congress in 2018."

Hall will remain active in the 2018 cycle, targeting Michigan legislators who have abandoned the conservative grassroots.

"I will spend my summer battling Michigan “Republican” politicians who have strayed the most from conservative principles and President Trump’s agenda. These politicians have hindered progress on cutting taxes, protecting the Second Amendment, defending the right to life, blocking or repealing Obama Administration regulatory schemes, addressing unfunded municipal pension liabilities, lowering auto insurance rates, fixing our state’s education system, and establishing English as Michigan’s official language."

Hall has not indicated whether he will seek a position in the legislature, though he is optimistic about GOP prospects in the fall.

"Michigan Republicans are well positioned to win the November 2018 election across the board. We must take advantage of this historic opportunity by nominating conservatives who will support the Republican Party’s platform and embrace President Trump’s agenda."

Hall, who recently became a lawyer, is a member of the Michigan Republican Party's State Committee. He was a strong supporter of President Trump's 2016 campaign in Michigan, serving as a delegate in Cleveland on the Rules Committee where he helped end the "Never Trump" movement, as well as the Trump 3rd District Chair in the fall.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  2. He terminated his campaign with the FEC 2 weeks ago.