Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Unhinged: Schuitmaker Says She's Been "Punched In The Face" By Tom Leonard, Says He Needs To "Grow A Pair"

By Brandon Hall
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State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker, increasingly desperate in recent weeks as momentum in the Attorney General race continues to build for her opponent, House Speaker Tom Leonard, has gone off the rails, saying she's been "punched in the face" by Leonard.

Schuitmaker also said Leonard needs to "grow a pair" of balls.

Her comments come after Leonard exposed Schuitmaker for organizing a political hit campaign against his wife, Jenell. 

According to MIRS:

"Reached after a speech in Macomb County today, Schuitmaker told MIRS Leonard needs to "grow a pair." 

Since she's announced her candidacy, Schuitmaker said she's been attacked with "fake news websites, Facebook, ads, word of mouth and other forms of media." However, she said she understands that "mixing it up" in a political sense isn't anything new and a "vigorous exchange of ideas" has been around since the days of John ADAMS and Thomas JEFFERSON and has continued to the days of George W. BUSH and John McCAIN. In the end, she said, the "People will sort it out."

"I must say, it's a little bewildering. I have been punched in the face since September."

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  1. Sad. Another establishment candidate bites the dust with a small puff of junk.