Tuesday, June 27, 2017

President Trump Writes Letter To Family Of Fallen Norton Shores Police Officer Jonathan Ginka

Trump, left, Ginka, right

By Brandon Hall
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In a move as cool as it was classy, President Trump recently wrote a letter to the family of fallen Norton Shores Police Officer Jonathan Ginka.

"Melania and I join your family, friends, loved ones, and the Norton Shores community in honoring Jonathan," Trump said.

Posting a picture of the letter, Michael Pollack, a friend of the Ginka family, praised President Trump for reaching out.

"Wow! Think what you want about the guy, but for the President of the United States to send a personal message...addressed to a dear friend of my friends and family in a tiny little, unknown town in Michigan (my hometown) sure does say a lot." Pollack said.

"Routine or not--I never knew they did this for local police--very cool. And, yes--the policy, the orders, the thought are all 100% initiated from the President of the United States. Had this been sent from Nixon, Clinton, Obama or any other I would be saying the's a very nice gesture," Pollack continued.

Not a single media outlet has bothered to cover this story!  Doesn't fit their narrative...

>>>View the full letter below:

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